Fabrics for coats and jackets

The assortment of our online store includes a wide selection of fabrics for coats and jackets. You can buy materials from us from which you can create covers for frosty days and those that will work great during the transition period. We offer both elegant products for sewing stylish coats, as well as those that are very well suited for creating sports jackets. We encourage you to browse the available proposals. The choice of colors, textures and patterns gives you a real field to show off. 

Among the fabrics for jackets and coats can be distinguished:

  • mantle wool, 
  • wool with cashmere, 
  • Rep
  • eco-fur,
  • quilted fabrics,
  • costume fabrics,
  • mantle alpaca,
  • boucle wool.

These are just selected products that you will find in the offer of fabrics for coats and jackets. There are many more, and in addition, they are available in a very wide range of colors. You don't have to bet on classic black or graphite. You can choose pink, caramel, peach or bottle green – it all depends on your stylistic preferences.

Materials for jackets and coats – which ones to choose?

You do not know which jacket fabric will work best? First of all, it is worth choosing it for your style of clothing and specific application. The most universal proposal is mantle wool, from which you can create both very elegant, classic covers, and slightly more fancy designs. This is a product that is suitable for sewing coats and jackets for ladies, men and the youngest. We offer a very wide selection of colors. You can also buy linings from us.

A popular product is also eco-fur, which allows you to create clothes in line with current trends. You can bet on a wide oversize coat or keep a more classic form "next to the body". It is a well-fitting and soft material. It also does not cause problems when cutting and sewing. 

Among the most chic proposals is, of course, cashmere, or elegance at its best. Cashmere coats are a style in themselves and it is worth having at least one such outfit in your wardrobe. It will work well for occasions that require an official setting, but it can also be worn every day, especially if your profession requires impeccable presence.

We also offer materials for coats and jackets from which you can sew sports elements of clothing. Quilted fabrics are comfortable, warm and great for wearing in bad weather. We have many attractive designs and colors to choose from. 

Mantle wool – a large selection of colors

The most classic material for coats and jackets is coat wool. You can sew covers of various styles from it, and each of them will look great. The fabric is made one hundred percent of wool, therefore it provides protection from the cold even in bad weather.

The Italian coat fabric, which you can order from us, is woven from 100% virgin wool. It is ideal for outerwear such as a coat, jacket or vest. It warms and at the same time allows the skin to breathe. In addition, it looks very elegant and fits most stylizations. 

Fabrics for wool coats are a timeless choice that always works. You can sew outerwear for women and men, in many different styles – elegant, casual or fanciful. Browse the available colors of mantle wool, we have a lot of them – from classic – navy blue, graphite or black, to less typical – apricot, beetroot or green.

Fabrics for quilted jackets

We offer exclusive, quilted fabrics for jackets and coats. They are insulated, so they are great for sewing clothes for autumn and winter. There are many interesting shades and patterns to choose from. You can also buy a material with unusual quilting, which adds to its uniqueness and catches the eye. 

Quilted fabrics for jackets are a proven choice. They are warm, soft and pleasant to wear. You can create clothes in many styles – longer and shorter jackets and coats, vests, as well as accessories such as bags and backpacks. 

It is a good choice if you are looking for a material for a cover that is to serve you every day and does not have to be elegant. It is worth having such an element in your wardrobe, after all, not every occasion requires putting on a cashmere coat. 

Coat material – eco-fur

Ecofur has been very popular in recent seasons, especially among younger people. The latest trends encourage you to wear it in many different versions, and the most fashionable are oversize jackets, i.e. very abundant and even "too big". 

You will find eco-fur in many variants – with long pile, boucle type or more delicate, reminiscent of velvet or velor. When it comes to colors, you also have a very wide selection – blacks, browns, caramels, and even roses.

People who prefer to dress more classically will certainly like the mantle alpaca in many beautiful shades to choose from. Soft and warm is a great choice for cold days. 

Browse the available materials for coats and jackets and dress stylishly and classily. Our products will certainly make it easier for you to complete the wardrobe you dream of.