Silk linings

Silk linings provide great style and excellent comfort of wearing clothes. Such elements perform an important function, so it is worth taking care of them when creating clothing. In our offer you will find a wide selection of silk linings that you can match to various elements of clothing – primarily dresses and skirts. Check which product to choose to achieve the expected effect.

Silk linings – why are they used?

Linings are an underestimated, although very important element of clothing. They are characteristic of sewing. In mass production, they are often omitted to reduce the cost of producing a dress or skirt. The presence of silk lining indicates that the clothing is sewn with the observance of all the rules of cutting and sewing and was created by a professional. 

If you work as a seamstress, make sure to use silk fabrics for lining of the highest quality. Thanks to this, your clients will be sure that they use the services of a person who knows his profession perfectly and approaches it in a reliable way. 

In our offer you will find many excellent quality materials in various colors, from which silk lining can be made. The function of such elements is primarily to provide higher comfort of wearing clothes. Silk is a very delicate and pleasant to the touch material, which is why it is ideal as a layer that has direct contact with the skin. A dress or skirt is therefore very comfortable and airy. 

Another important task of silk linings is to give the garment the right form. Thanks to them, clothes fit better and do not push out on the elbows or buttocks. An important aspect is also the fact that sewing such a layer makes the figure look better – it is slimmed down, and any shortcomings are covered. 

It is definitely worth betting on clothes with silk linings. Such elements can be sewn from many different fabrics, however, silk is one of the most recommended. Of course, its price is slightly higher than viscose or polyester, but the effect is certainly worth the price. 

Silk fabric for lining – why is it worth it?

Silk is a fabric that has been considered very elegant and noble for centuries. Whole creations are created from it, but also used for sewing linings. Why is it worth choosing this material?

Silk is a type of fabric of natural animal origin. It is made from fibers produced by silkworm larvae, in order to prepare a cocoon. Processed by man, they become a material with specific properties. The main feature of silk is its unique smoothness. It even became her personification and entered the tongue permanently – one talks about silky skin or hair, comparing them to this particular fabric. 

Silk does not belong to cheap materials, which results from the way it is produced that requires a lot of commitment. However, its price is not so high as to scare away people who care about the highest quality fabrics used to sew clothes. Many seamstresses are of the opinion that it is definitely worth using, because the effect that can be achieved is unique. 

From silk are sewn dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers. Elegant underwear and nightgowns are also made of it. Silk bedding is recommended during hot weather, while pillowcases made of this material are valued by people who care about their hair.

An important application of the fabric are also linings. Silk materials work perfectly because they are extremely pleasant to the touch, give the impression of pleasant coolness, and their natural origin makes them very delicate even for sensitive skin. They do not sensitize and do not irritate. 

How to choose silk linings for the type of clothes?

Silk linings can significantly improve the cut and comfort of wearing a given part of the garment. However, for this to be the case, they must be well matched to the type of clothing. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the top material. Here, the principle is relatively simple – the higher the weight of the fabric or knitwear, the thicker the lining should be. Thus, delicate thin silk linings are best suited for summer or evening dresses and skirts. Thicker products are used in coats, jackets and jackets. 

Another issue is whether the material is flexible or not. The inner layer should always take this into account, because otherwise, the clothing may lose form or be very uncomfortable. Sewing linings is not an easy task. Choosing quality products will make it much easier. If you are looking for silk linings in different colors, browse our offer. 

Silk lining for summer dresses

The perfect finish of all summer dresses are silk linings. They are extremely thin and delicate, which is why they are great for hot days. They perfectly adapt to the body, so under clothing they become invisible. If you are interested in a good quality silk lining, the online store is the place where it is best to start your search. Our fabric wholesaler from Poznan offers a wide range of high quality. It is here that you will find the perfect silk material for linings.

How to choose the perfect silk lining?

Silk fabric for lining is no longer a product that is difficult to access or reserved for a few. However, it is still an extremely elegant and unique commodity. Our online fabric store offers many types of fabrics from this fiber, so you will certainly find something for yourself.

Silk fabric for smooth lining will be perfect for light airy creations. Its color is best chosen with the rest of the outfit. For bright dresses, a white silk lining will fit best. It will perfectly match the outfit and will be almost invisible. For darker clothing, a silk lining in black is definitely better suited. It will work well in the case of brown skirts or dark purple dresses.

Fabric for lining outerwear can also be made of this noble fiber. For elegant coats, jackets or jackets, silk jacquard lining fits perfectly.

Browse our offer and check what products we have prepared. You can choose from many beautiful colors, so you can easily match them to any type of clothing. We also offer jacquard linings, characterized by a specific weave. We focus on the highest quality and proven origin. Therefore, you can be sure that each product will comply with the description and will be great for your tailoring projects.