Cadi and Zorżeta

georgette material in the offer of the Izpol store

In our store you will find a large selection of various materials from which you will create beautiful clothes for many occasions. We offer both fabrics and knitwear that will work every day, such as printed cotton or smooth viscose, as well as much more elegant products, including patterned silk, tulle or jacquard. In this category, we have prepared cadi and georgette materials. What are their characteristics and what elements of clothing can be sewn from them?

georgette fabric is a light, airy and translucent material. It can be made of cotton, wool or silk, less often from viscose. It is characterized by a canvas weave, which gives it a characteristic texture. 

The material of the georgette has characteristic, irregular ruffles. A common variant is pleated fabric. georgette is used primarily for sewing dresses, including wedding dresses. Therefore, it is a mandatory item in the assortment of materials intended for creating outfits for weddings. Beautiful creations for both brides and formal dresses are created from the fabric of the georgette, which are perfect as a creation for guests of such celebrations. 

In many stores, mainly gravel made of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, is available. However, silk or wool fabric (merino) has much better best properties. It is softer and better suited for warm days, as it provides air circulation. In our offer you will find a wide selection of materials made of gravel made of one hundred percent high quality silk. These are beautiful, variegated products, in many shades and patterns to choose from. They are perfect for sewing dresses or airy women's blouses.

georgette fabric – what is it characterized by?

georgette material can be made of various raw materials – natural and synthetic. It was created at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Frenchwoman Georgette de la Plante created a completely new fabric, combining the canvas weave with crepe yarn. The name of the material of the georgette comes from the name of its inventor. The material immediately gained considerable popularity. It results primarily from the fact that it is easy to care for – it does not deteriorate in the wash and does not require ironing. The price of georgette fabric is also encouraging. Despite its very attractive properties and good quality materials used in production, it is usually relatively inexpensive. 

If you are looking for a georgette material in beautiful colors and patterns, browse our offer. We have prepared many interesting proposals that will work for many occasions, including very elegant ones. You can buy from us a fabric made of gravel made of silk, but also of viscose or even soy fibers. The choice of shades and patterns is almost unlimited – you can bet on smooth materials or choose those decorated with geometric or floral motifs. It all depends on your stylistic preferences and the occasion for which you plan to create the creation. 

Cadi material – what is it?

Cadi silk is an exclusive covering fabric, fleshy, flowing, semi-matte. We recommend it for sewing elegant blouses, skirts, trousers, formal and wedding dresses. You can beautifully combine it with lace and decorative tapes. The cadi material is double-sided – on the one hand it has the texture of a matte georgette, and on the other a glossy satin weave. The fabric is smooth, fleshy, but at the same time plastic, well arranged and gently shiny in the light.

Cadi material can be sewn, among others:

  • Blouses 
  • Skirts
  • formal dresses, 
  • summer dresses.

It is an extremely elegant fabric, which is why it is perfect for solemn occasions, such as weddings or various types of parties requiring a stylish setting. In our offer you will find a large selection of cadi materials in many colors and patterns. These are the highest quality fabrics that we import from trusted suppliers. In the description of each of them you will find information about the care of the product, as well as what can be sewn from it. If you're looking for inspiration, check out our stylish suggestions. 

georgette – fabric for sewing elegant outfits

What can be sewn from a gravel? The material gives a lot of possibilities when it comes to the scope of its applications. The fabric is extremely airy and light, as well as resistant to creases. This makes it great in the form of all types of dresses and skirts. It emphasizes the grace of the person wearing it and beautifully arranges on the body. The texture of the material of the georgette makes the material look great in the form of flared dresses and skirts, for example, the type of oil. Żorżet suits are also very popular – very elegant, and at the same time comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for high-end gravel materials made of silk, viscose or polyester, browse the available assortment. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for in it. If you have questions about the ways of sewing or caring for individual cadi or gravel materials, please contact us, we will be happy to help.