Cotton and Batyst

We offer cotton fabrics, which our wholesaler obtains from the best suppliers – we are well aware of the fact that it is the type of material that determines the comfort of wearing self-sewn clothes. Thanks to this, you can create comfortable, but well-presented creations for everyday life and for special occasions. Bathyst fabric for meters is an excellent choice for airy, breathable dresses, blouses, trousers and products for children such as bedding or pillowcases. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań provides a wide selection of patterned and printed materials of natural origin, which gives unlimited possibilities to create beautiful creations. 

Cotton fabrics for meters – why is it worth it? 

High-quality cotton fabrics and bathyst fabrics are extremely friendly to the touch, and unique patterns will emphasize the character of any creation – regardless of whether it is an outfit created for everyday duties or for celebrations that require appropriate framing. Dress cotton is imported, among others, from Italy, to which world fashion owes so many beautiful designs. For those who visit our online fabric store, we offer you to order free samples, making it easier to confirm the quality of the product and make the final decision. Do you need patterned material? Batyst and other bathyst fabrics for meters will be great not only for clothing, but also for children and for original home textiles. Premium cotton is cheaper than silk satin or natural silk, and gives an equally beautiful visual effect.

Cotton – a universal material with numerous advantages

There are five basic types of cotton:

  • cotton satin, 
  • cretonne 
  • voile, 
  • gabardine,
  • canvas a'la linen, i.e. a material imitating linen. 

Each of these fabrics has characteristics. Satin is more often used for the production of bedding, and mole for sewing dresses and T-shirts. Although due to the low elasticity of cotton fabrics are easy to crumple, they are undoubtedly very popular in the clothing industry. 

Cotton is a material that perfectly absorbs moisture from the environment and at the same time retains heat – although it largely depends on the weight. Cotton fabrics for dresses are an irreplaceable solution for allergy sufferers and people struggling with skin irritations, because they do not sensitize. This is also related to the resistance of cotton to high temperatures, thanks to which it can be considered a hygienic material. 

Where to order cotton for meters?

We understand that you have doubts about where to order a good quality cotton fabric – the choice is huge today. In our warehouse, we focus on premium cotton, which repays with durability and aesthetic appearance even after many washes. In our headquarters in Poznan you will do shopping in comfortable conditions, but we also recommend an online store, where you will find high-quality photographs of cotton fabrics for children and dresses.  

Our advantage is primarily a huge selection of bathyst and other cotton fabrics. Whether you are a professional seamstress or a hobby sewer, you are sure to find with us what you need for your projects. Also the very fancy ones.

Bathyst fabric – what is it characterized by?

Batyst material is one of the varieties of cotton fabric. It is produced from natural raw materials, just like other variants of cotton. It is characterized by delicacy and lightness. – it is very thin, almost transparent. Bathyst can also be obtained from linen, although cotton bathyst fabrics are more popular.

Bathyst fabric can be in a completely natural form or have admixtures of synthetic fibers that slightly change its properties. Traditional bathyst is white, however, nowadays it can be purchased in a wide range of shades. In our offer you will find products in many colors – also intense and in various designs.

The bathyst material is very light and thin, this makes it perfect for sewing:

  • summer dresses, 
  • Blouses 
  • Skirts
  • nightgowns,
  • children's clothes, 
  • Curtains 
  • Curtains 
  • Bed linen.

The delicate structure of this material makes the clothing, nightgowns and bedding that have been made from it work best in summer. Batyst as the material is airy and "does not heat".

Bathyst material – why is it worth wearing?

Bathyst fabric is above all very light and airy. This is good news for people who are primarily looking for comfort and skin-friendliness in clothes. A dress or blouse made of bathyst will work even in the hottest summer. The material has a natural origin, so there are no admixtures of synthetic fibers in it. In addition, it perfectly permeates air, ensuring comfort of wearing at any time of the year.

Batyst is a great choice not only for sewing clothes, but also for accessories for the apartment. Bathyst curtains captivate with their delicacy and are a great alternative to popular polyester curtains, made of inferior quality synthetic fibers. 

Batyst – how to take care of him?

Bathyst is very thin, so you have to be careful not to damage it during washing and ironing. Although the bathyst materials available in our offer are of the highest quality, due to their delicacy, it is worth washing them at a not too high temperature and spinning at reduced speeds. 

For ironing, an iron with a steam generator, set to the average temperature, or a steamer will work best. The delicate structure means that ironing does not require a lot of time and effort. Just drag the steam generator over the dress or blouse to remove all creases. This also applies to children's clothes, which are often made of bathyst, because it is very pleasant to the touch. They should also not be washed at too high a temperature or boiled.

It is important to choose bathyst fabrics of the highest quality. Thanks to this, you can be sure that by using proper care and maintenance of clothing, curtains or curtains, they will serve you for a long time, without losing their original properties or form. In our store you can buy bathyst material from reliable suppliers, so you can be sure that you choose fabrics in a good quality – not only visually attractive, but also slightly more resistant to damage. 

Materials – bathyst and more

Our offer is not only bathyst, but also many other variants of cotton fabrics. These are good quality products that provide high comfort of wearing, and also retain their properties for many years, despite washing or ironing. You can buy from us, among others, shirt cotton in many different patterns and colors.

It is a fairly thin fabric, which ensures high wearing comfort, as well as slightly elastic. Thanks to the combination of these two features, shirts made of such cotton are very comfortable, and at the same time do not crumple and are easy to wash and iron. The material is fully covering, so it can be worn directly on the body – it does not shine through. 

Shirt cotton is an ideal choice for warm days, especially in business situations or those where smart casual style is required. Clothes sewn from it look elegant, but they are comfortable, so you can spend the whole day with them without feeling discomfort. 

Another proposal is linen with cotton. It is a thicker fabric, woven from linen with an admixture of cotton. Perfect for:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts 
  • trousers
  • Navy.

Although it is fully covering, it is perfectly breathable, providing comfort also on warmer days. Linen with cotton is relatively little creased, so it does not require time-consuming care procedures. The offered fabrics are ecological – produced only from vegetable fibers of proven origin, fully biodegradable. 

We also recommend corrugated cotton, bathyst in patterns, crescent and elastic cotton. Beautiful designs can be created from all materials, and the perfect quality of each product means that the clothing or home furnishings made of them will retain their appearance for years.