Sequins and Beads

How to shine is only in perfectly tailored creations – the material with sequins from our warehouse will be great for creating unique outfits, next to which you can not pass by indifferently. Online fabric store is a wide selection of unique designs that will be appreciated by even the most demanding people, expecting also good quality. High-quality material with sequins for a dress is an extremely stylish combination, thanks to which you can easily create elegant evening outfits. Like silk satin or natural silk, shiny sequins beautifully accentuate the skin, adding a unique glow. We offer materials for evening dresses from proven sources, including Italy and Spain. Professionally made photos 100% reflect reality. See for yourself that the fabric wholesaler in Poznań is a unique place for people looking for unusual materials with sequins for evening dresses shimmering with different colors.

How to choose the right material with sequins?

Formal dress fabrics are extremely diverse – when looking for the right material with sequins that change color, be guided primarily by your vision, but also expect high quality. Only thanks to this you will be able to sew a creation that will stand the test of time and will look beautiful for more than one season. There is probably nothing worse than investing in a material that does not work well in wearing. In our offer you will find both fabric with sequins made of durable polyamide and polyester, as well as silk or viscose. You are able to easily order exclusive evening fabrics in a low-budget and premium version. In our online store you will find material with beads and sequins – it depends on your design which variant you choose.

How to sew fabric with sequins?

The material, which contains sequins, is perfect for evening creations, but often requires additional work when sewing. It may be necessary to remove sequins falling into the seam allowance, thanks to which you will get a uniform visual effect. It is the preparation of dress fabric for sewing that is the most time-consuming activity, but it is worth taking this moment so that the creation 100% meets your expectations. Then the material with beads or sequins will repay with a beautiful appearance and the absence of imperfections. Detailed advice on how to sew evening fabrics can be found on specialized blogs and YouTube channels – there experts share their knowledge and show step by step how to skillfully use the materials available in our store for evening dresses. Video recordings are particularly useful – you surely know that the written word does not fully reflect what happens to sequin fabric during sewing. Meanwhile , we invite you to buy material for evening dresses in our warehouse!

Sequined material – what can it be used for?

Sequined materials are extremely stylish and decorative, which is why they are great for sewing creations for special occasions. Shimmering, shimmering particles will add a unique chic to each outfit. Of course, the material with sequins will not always work – if you care about a classic, simple dress, rather put on elegant jacquards or silks . There is no doubt, however, that fabrics with beads or sequins look perfect in the evening edition.

Such materials are used to sew prom, carnival or wedding dresses. A wide selection of colors, patterns and types of finish makes the appearance of the creation limited only by the imagination and creativity of the seamstress. Tulles, nets and knitwear decorated with shimmering elements give a lot of room to show off. It all depends on the preferences of the person who will wear them and the occasion for which the creation is to be prepared. 

Material with sequins – how is it made?

What is sequined material in principle? This is a fabric, mesh or knitwear on which sequins were sewn, that is, shiny, thin elements with a hole for sewing. Most often these are ornaments in a round shape, but they can also be multifaceted or curly. Their name comes from a French word that translates as "crystal". This is due to their ability to reflect rays of light.

Such small circles of different colors can be attached to any type of material. In the process of creating on an industrial scale, sequins are usually sewn using sewing machines without an overlock. In other cases, they are sewn by hand. It takes more time, but the effect is worth it. 

Costumes decorated with sequins are popular with both young girls and adult women. What's more, the fashion for them appears cyclically. So, if you sew a dress from sequined material, you will certainly be able to wear it for many seasons. Things embroidered with such details are very light, so wearing them is much more comfortable than outfits with beads, crystals or large beads.

Glossy details draw attention and raise the look of each creation to the next level. To look beautiful in a dress with sequins, it is worth combining them with properly selected accessories. Dresses embroidered with sequins look best in combination with simple basic jackets. 

Fabrics with beads – why is it worth it?

Fabrics with beads are available in our offer in many interesting varieties. You can bet on sensual tulle or delicate lace. Such materials are perfect for sewing evening or wedding dresses. In combination with simple in form high-quality fabrics will give a unique effect. 

You can choose a fabric densely embroidered with beads, from which a beautiful dress on the lining will be made, or opt for a material in which beads are only a decorative detail. It all depends on what occasion the creation is to be created for, as well as on your stylistic preferences. However, there is no doubt that fabrics with beads are a timeless classic. So if you are planning a big outing, they will certainly work great. The more so because in our offer you will find materials with sequins and beads from a wide range of colors. They are also made from various raw materials, which is why the choice is almost unlimited. 

Fabrics with beads are also willingly used for sewing dresses for dancing. They shimmer beautifully during movement, emphasizing the beauty and lightness of dancing people. 

How to handle sequined material?

In order for the sequined material to retain its beautiful appearance as long as possible, it is worth remembering about its proper maintenance. You should also sew it in the right way. The rules here are slightly different than in the case of cotton fabrics. What should I keep in mind?

  • Sequined materials require fastening with a thin thread and a delicate needle, no thick threads should be used. Also in the sewing machine you need to install a delicate needle (thickness 70). 
  • If, during sewing, sequins break or tear off, it is necessary to replace them with new ones, sewing with the same thread as other sequins or transparent thread. You can not leave damaged elements, because they will look unattractive and spoil the overall look of the whole creation. 
  • Sequins sewn on stocks can be torn off by cutting them with small, pointed scissors. This must be done carefully, so as not to cut the thread with which they are sewn. 
  • When ironing, special care must be taken. Sequins can melt or dye the fabric. Iron with a slightly heated iron (temperature for artificial fibers), on the left side and through a dry cloth. It is best to make a washing and ironing test on the remnant of the material in advance.

Fabrics with beads and materials with sequins are a timeless classic that does not go out of fashion. It is worth having at least one item of clothing sewn from this type of products in your wardrobe. You can use them in many different ways. It all depends on what you feel good about. Browse our proposals and choose from countless colors and patterns.