Costume fabrics

Costume is one of the most universal women's clothes. Every woman should have at least one such set in her wardrobe. A stylish jacket with a skirt will allow you to feel elegant in any situation – in the office, at a meeting with a client or during a family celebration. 

Costume fabrics, which you will find in our offer, are available in many interesting variants. You can buy from us both timeless classics, i.e. materials in the style of chanel, as well as checkered costume wool. The second proposal will be great for sewing a slightly less formal set. It will be an extremely stylish choice for occasions requiring smart casual style. 

Checkered costume fabric – scotch or chicken foot – is a classic that never goes out of fashion. By betting on such a costume, you can be sure that you will dress appropriately to the circumstances, regardless of whether it is business or family meetings. 

Costume fabrics in the online store

Our offer includes a wide selection of costume fabrics in many patterns and colors. We are well aware that what counts for our clients above all is the perfect appearance of the material and compliance with their stylistic preferences. However, we do not forget about the highest quality. It is she who makes the costumes sewn from our fabrics look flawless.

The class of raw materials from which the fabric for the costume was made, the type of weave and the precision of the finish are issues that cannot be overestimated. Even the best sewn jacket and skirt will not look good if the material from which they were created will be of poor quality. In our online store you will find only products from trusted suppliers, checked by us and selected. You can be sure that you are buying costume fabrics from the highest shelf. 

We offer:

  • costume wool, 
  • Chanel fabrics,
  • elastic jacquard,
  • mantle wool,
  • polyviscosis,
  • flax 
  • cotton woven for linen.

Each of the materials will be perfect for sewing a stylish costume. It is worth choosing fabrics depending on what time of the year you want to wear your set and for what occasions you want to wear it. 

Slightly different costume fabrics are suitable for sewing a business set, while others will look great in the form of a set for weddings and other family celebrations. 

Checkered costume fabric – a timeless classic

Plaid in various variations is certainly one of the most classic designs. It looks great on materials made of wool, emphasizing their interesting texture and weave. In our offer you will find a wide selection of checkered costume fabrics. These are both all color variations on the chanel material, as well as classics in themselves, i.e. a Scottish check and a chicken foot. 

Each of the materials is universal, which means that it looks great for any occasion, including those requiring elegance. It is not surprising, therefore, that checkered costume fabrics are also worn by people from the front pages of newspapers – ladies dealing with politics, journalism or celebrities. 

By betting on such a costume fabric, you can be sure that you will look good in any situation. And if you want to introduce a hint of madness into your styling, you can opt for a check in contrasting colors or a less typical cut of the costume. It all depends on your tastes.  

Fabrics for jacquard costumes

Jacquard costume fabrics are another extremely elegant proposal. Jacquard is a material distinguished by rich design. It is available in a single or multi-color version, and looms are used for its production. It is extremely chic and for years has been considered a symbol of high material and social status.

Jacquard costume fabrics are most often densely woven and fleshy. However, in our offer you will find many different variants, also slightly more delicate and lighter. They are perfect for sewing costumes or jackets and skirts themselves. From many products you can also create light coats, perfect for spring and autumn. 

We offer costume fabrics made of jacquard in a traditional edition, i.e. in floral patterns, but also slightly more modern versions – in geometric patterns. You can choose from an extremely wide range of colors – blacks, corals, reds, grays, greens and many stylish pastels. We also offer jacquard with gold ornaments – great for big outings. You will surely find the perfect fabric for a costume in which you will feel stylish and elegant. 

Classic costume wool

For supporters of classic minimalism, we have prepared many attractive proposals for costume wool. This is the most standard choice when it comes to material for sewing a costume. It is stylish, elegant and timeless – in subdued colors, among which greys, beiges and blacks dominate. 

It is worth equipping your wardrobe with at least one costume sewn from such fabric. It's a choice for any occasion, even a very elegant one. 

Browse the available costume fabrics. If you have questions, we are at your disposal. In the description of each product you will find tips on sewing and caring for the material.