Fabrics are widely used in the production of all types of clothing, but this is not their only function. They are also irreplaceable when creating beautiful interior decorations and decorative finishes of utility items. In this role, organza works perfectly – delicate, light and available in a wide range of patterns. In our store you will find it in plain, jacquard, embroidered and patterned versions, in many colors.  

Organza – what is this material?

Organza, also often called organtine, is a light material of exotic origin. Its production is mainly carried out in China. The fabric owes its name to the city of Urgench in Turkestan. Originally, this material was made of silk and sold as a luxury product. Over time, however, the demand for it and the unique advantages and possibilities of use meant that cheaper versions were created, available to a wide range of users. The fabric is distinguished by a light, translucent structure, it is slightly shiny, silky to the touch and has small holes on the surface. The number of these holes per square centimeter is a determinant of quality. The more of them, the more luxurious organza.

Currently, organza is made from synthetic fibers, mainly polyester and nylon. However, you can still find its silk and cotton versions. The former is being built, among others, in the province of Zhejiang in China, as well as in the area of Bengaluru in India, France and Italy. Despite the replacement of silk with artificial polyester, organza retains its unique characteristics. This is due to manual production, which is not matched even by the most modern machines. The process of weaving and processing is very complicated. It includes manual twisting of fibers, acid treatment, combing of yarn and acid re-processing. Due to this, the material acquires a characteristic rigidity. The final stage of production is weaving using ordinary weave.

Organza – a material with exceptional decorative qualities

Organza is a material of exceptional lightness and delicacy. A feature that determines the multitude of its applications is the high ease of laying. As a result, you can create beautiful decorations of wedding and party tables. The material also allows you to form ruffles and stylized flowers, fill wicker baskets for feminine trinkets, tie fancy bows to decorate stair or balcony railings during the holiday season or to give the interiors a solemn character. Organza by the meter is also an ideal material for wedding and evening dresses.

Organza fabric is an ideal material for people who are passionate about DIY handicrafts. If you like to spend time creating textile bouquets of roses, Christmas decorations, window decorations, pillows with frills, fragrant bags, sweet hairpins and other such trifles, organza is the material just for you. Its advantage is also the extraordinary richness of patterns and colors, including those unusual, sweet pinks or saturated reds. 

Organza – fabric for wedding and evening dresses

Delicate, transparent material is also a perfect material for sewing sophisticated outfits. Wedding dresses decorated with it look particularly beautiful, but you can also decorate evening dresses, First Communion, prom dresses and many other occasions. Organza, thanks to its transparency and rigidity, allows you to get three-dimensional compositions. Applying multiple layers of material to the skirt will create a spatial structure from it and add volume, without additional weight. This material will illuminate the outfit, but it can also be its complement, in the form of a shawl or bolero. In this role, jacquard and embroidered organzas will work perfectly.

Features and types of organza

Organza is a material that comes in many varieties, which further expands the possibilities of creating costumes and decorations from it. Crystal, mirror, crushed, satin and embroidered organza are distinguished. Transparency is common to all variants. Thanks to it, organza decorations gain optical lightness. This property also makes the material work well in dresses and multi-layer decorations as an external finish. If you are engaged in sewing wedding dresses, evening dresses or produce dresses for dolls, organza skirts will add volume and shine to them.

Other common features of all organza varieties are:

  • minimum material thickness, 
  • characteristic rigidity, 
  • Breathability
  • the ability to reflect light rays – thanks to this, the surface mysteriously shines. 

The weaknesses of this material include susceptibility to tearing and wrinkling. 

Organza by the meter and in coupons in our store

In our store you will find a wide selection of designs and colors of this light fabric. We offer you both ready-made coupons of various sizes, as well as organza has meters, the amount of which you can match to a specific project. In the assortment we have both monochromatic and patterned materials ideal for elegant blouses, skirts, dresses or shawls. Are you looking for a luxury fabric? We offer you organza from natural silk, jacquard on the organ or its embroidered variant. Familiarize yourself with the assortment and choose a product for yourself.