Would you agree that a proven knitwear store is not only a rich assortment, but above all good quality materials? Our priority is a careful selection of fabrics, so you have access to pleasant to the touch products such as sweatshirt knitwear. Our online store also includes professional photos of materials, which makes it easier to make the right purchase decision. People who prefer direct contact will like the stationary fabric wholesaler in Poznań, located in a historic building – an excellent space for pleasant shopping. In the online store you can order not only cotton and tracksuit knitwear by meters, but also silk, sweater, sequined and viscose knitwear, great for light T-shirts and dresses. If you are looking for nobler materials, you will like our silk satin and natural silk. See for yourself that the online fabric store is a unique place for people who value quality and aesthetics!

How to choose a good knitwear store?

Sweatshirt knitwear uneven knitwear – fabrics available on the market are so diverse in terms of quality that customers often wonder where to place an order before they go to our online store. How to avoid a shopping mishap and what characterizes a good knitwear store? First of all, pay attention to the transparency of the wholesaler. If customers do not have free access to basic information about cotton knitwear (or any other), this is a signal to you that the store is trying to hide something. Perhaps it is enough to ask the staff to provide such data – if it fails, look for another knitwear store. Remember that the service testifies to the level of the wholesaler, and thus to the quality of the fabrics and knitwear offered. It may sound trivial, but these two issues often go hand in hand. So if you are only interested in high-quality T-shirt knitwear, check how the store communicates with customers. 

How to care for cotton knitwear? 

Both cotton and sweatshirt knitwear require care in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions – however, we do not always have guidelines that would inform us at what temperature to wash a given material or what laundry detergents to use. However, it is worth sticking to a few simple rules, thanks to which knitwear purchased in our online store will look great for a long time. First of all, it is necessary to separate light and dark clothes so that accidental coloring does not occur. Remember to roll the sweatshirt purchased for meters to the left – thanks to this, the original color of the fabric will last longer. Equally important is low-temperature washing, which also protects the material from damage and loss of color. However, regardless of whether you need elastic, linen or pleated knitwear, choose an online store that provides high-quality and durable fabrics – just like our wholesaler! 

Knitwear – what is it characterized by?

Knitted fabric is produced from one thread using a crochet machine or from several warps on a warp. In this way, interconnected eyelets are created, which form a finished textile product with various textures and patterns. Eyes arranged horizontally form the so-called row, and those arranged vertically – a column.

Knitted fabrics differ from fabrics in production technology. Fabrics are made of 2 threads: weft and warp, while knitted fabrics are made of 1 thread. Knitted materials have some common features, that is, they are:

  • very flexible,
  • Soft
  • stretchable in any direction,
  • extremely airy.

This makes them great for sewing clothes that are supposed to be comfortable to wear. Therefore, knitted fabrics are used to create wardrobe items for everyday wear – dresses, blouses or skirts. 

However, this does not mean that knitwear will not work well to create projects for special occasions. It all depends on what material it was made of. For example , shiny knitwear is ideal for sewing evening dresses or elegant flowing blouses. The possibilities here are almost endless. The more so because in our offer you will find products in many beautiful colors and patterns that will allow you to create exactly the design you want.

What can be sewn from knitwear?

One of the very popular types of knitted materials is jersey. This is an extremely versatile material that almost everyone has in their wardrobe. It works great in all weather conditions and is very comfortable. In summer, jersey T-shirts or dresses allow air to flow, while in cold weather they provide additional protection against cold. These are natural materials that do not sensitize or irritate sensitive skin.

Thanks to their extensibility , jersey clothes do not restrict movement, thanks to which they work very well for sewing clothes every day. From this type of knitwear you can sew comfortable dresses of almost any cut, t-shirts, leggings, sports outfits and even underwear. The knitted material can also be used to create accessories and accessories, such as:

  • hair bands, 
  • Turbans 
  • hair terry, 
  • Chimneys
  • Caps 
  • Scarves. 

Knitwear can also be successfully used for sewing trekking clothes, for example for cycling or hiking. This is a great alternative for those who do not like sportswear made of polyester. It is airy, very comfortable and fits perfectly on the body. It is not demanding during washing and dries quickly. This makes it an ideal material for sewing sports and recreational clothes. 

Knitted fabric – sweatshirt

Sweatshirt is another knitted fabric that is very popular. It comes in different types – it can be thicker or thinner depending on the type of processing. The type of weave is responsible for the elasticity of the knitwear. This makes clothes made of this material extremely comfortable when worn. So you can sew clothes from it for everyday wear, such as:

  • sweatshirts, 
  • trousers 
  • Dresses 
  • children's clothes,
  • Pajamas
  • Caps
  • Skirts.

Sweatshirt knitwear is also great for sewing sleeping bags, blankets and other accessories for children. If only cotton threads were used for its manufacture, the material will be less stretchable. On the other hand, the use of natural threads with artificial additives makes a more elastic knitwear.

Knitted sweatshirt is easy to wash and does not require ironing. This makes it an extremely popular material and very willingly bought. 

Knitwear – a material not only for every day

The softness, breathability and flexibility of knitted materials makes them willingly used to sew clothes for everyday wear. However, this does not mean that they only work in such applications. In our offer you will find many varieties of knitwear, which are designed for sewing elegant and evening creations. Viscose, elastic glossy materials or polyester with the addition of silver thread are proposals that can be safely used to create clothes for special occasions. 

Beautiful jersey knitwear in oriental patterns is a dream option for sewing a dress that will catch the eye not only with its form, but also with its unusual pattern. In turn, viscose knitted fabric with the addition of linen and elastane is an interesting proposition for dresses, tunics or skirts ideal to wear to work and for slightly less official occasions. 

We also offer polyester knitted materials in interesting colors and patterns. This, in turn, is a proposal that will work well when sewing summer airy dresses and skirts. Light and airy, and at the same time covering, so it does not require lining or wearing a petticoat. 

Our offer also includes a wide selection of signed knitwear, which captivate with their elegance and timeless chic. Browse the available knitted materials and create the designs you dream of. A wide selection of products will certainly make it easier for you to make the right purchase decision.