Eco fur

We offer pleasant to the touch eco fur for meters made of polyester fibers,which perfectly imitate natural fur. Our online fabric shop offers a wide range of products in a wide range of colours and designs, so you can easily choose your favourite material. Eco furs are ofhigh quality, so they are perfect for chic coats or jackets – without remorse and with the knowledge that this is a solution that does not harm animals. The fabric wholesaler in Poznań carefully selects artificial furs so that you can choose from the best products. The photos available on the site are prepared in such a way that they 100% reflect reality. You can buy eco fur in the online store,but in case of doubt it is worth ordering a free sample. Also check out our range of wool for coats and costumes, fabrics in a fashionable checkered, as well as natural silk and silk satin,which will work as a summer dress or skirt.

Eco fur – proper care

You already have the purchase of artificial fur in our online store, but how to take care of such a material to avoid the effect of an unaesth aesthetic mat? In house conditions, you may be temptedto hand-wash eco fur, but be sure to use warm water and a gentle shampoo of good quality. It is absolutely inadvisable to twist the artificial fur and other activities strongly interacting with the material. In addition to regular cleaning, it will be a good option to comb the fur from time to time – thanks to this, visually indudable pods will not be created. How to store eco fur? We recommend avoiding plastic covers. Paper or canvas bags held in a cool, airy place will definitely work better. When the next season comes, the artificial fur per meter from our warehouse will look like new.

Why is eco fur a better choice than natural one?

It will not be surprising to say that natural furs are non-organic – although in fact it should be said that they are simply the result of animal suffering. It is clear to us that at a time when it was impossible to create artificial fur, it was ideal because it provided warmth to the person who wore it. Today, when eco fur has become something widely available, the choice should be simple – especially since natural furs are much more expensive, and therefore significantly deplete our budget. Perhaps artificial fur for meters is not always an excellent alternative, but there is no doubt that it allows you to feel luxurious for a while. In our online store you will find only good quality eco fur, also models made of natural viscose fibers and cotton. This is the perfect reason to shop with us!