Classic lace is a material for meters ideal for dresses in a light, sensual edition and wedding dresses. We offer carefully finished, delicate, openwork patterns that will work well in evening creations and as a decorative element, also on linings. Lace fabric is characterized by elegance and feminine grace, which is why it is successfully used in women's underwear. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań carefully selects materials so that only high-quality lace can be found in your hands. Silk satin or natural silk as a lining will perfectly complement the lace creation. 

We offer a wide selection of lace fabrics by meters – among others embroidered with sequins or with a glamorous gloss effect. We know that the most important thing for you is quality at a good price. For this reason, our online fabric store allows you to order a free sample, so you can be sure that you are buying the perfect lace for your dress.

Lace – what kind of material is it? 

For centuries, lace materials for dresses , sought after with great meticulousness, were considered a symbol of luxury – so much so that there was an unwritten rule according to which the more lace someone had, the higher his social status. At the same time, for years, lace fabrics have been treated as a way to set the table and a material for the elderly. Contemporary fashion is understanding, open and, above all, flexible – modern lace is also perfect for casual stylizations. 

Made of high quality materials, they will fit well, providing comfort of wearing every day. What's more, properly selected accessories will make the lace fabric take on a different character. Thanks to this, you can play with stylizations – from romantic boho to rock look. 

Lace fabric – online store

It is difficult to imagine a more feminine material than lace. Years ago, it was made by hand – it took a long time and required great skill and talent, which is why lace fabrics reached exorbitant prices. Today they are available to everyone and in various interesting variants. You can choose between different colors, patterns, materials and accessories, such as sequins or glitter.

Lace fabrics in the Izpol online store are a wide selection of products that you can use for the most fancy tailoring projects. We offer typical lace, but also other materials with a slightly similar character, such as embroidered tulle or silk guipure. Each of them is extremely feminine, delicate and airy. Ideally suited for sewing whole dresses and their elements, but also for many other tailoring works. Check out our offer and see for yourself that modern lace are materials that give almost unlimited creative possibilities.

Types of lace fabrics

Lace material is a product that can be made of various types of threads – natural and synthetic. Traditionally, cotton and linen were used to create it, but now you can also buy lace materials in many other varieties – viscose and polyester. However, the raw material from which these beautiful products are made is not the only characteristic that distinguishes their individual types from each other.

Lace fabrics are divided into individual types, and each of them looks slightly different. It is possible to distinguish such varieties of lace as:

  • French lace, 
  • guipure,
  • wedding lace,
  • elastic lace.
  • In addition, we also offer related products, i.e.:
  • embroidered tulle,
  • embroidered tulle,
  • embroidered silk organza.

They are also characterized by delicacy, transparency and lightness, so typical for lace fabrics. 

Lace fabrics – what can be sewn from them?

Such materials are ideal for sewing evening dresses, especially wedding dresses. Delicate, shimmering lace materials for wedding dresses are very popular. Many ladies imagine their creation for this big day in this way – light, airy, extremely feminine and even fairy-tale. There is no material that would be better reduced in this role.

Lace fabric can be the basis of the dress, but very often it is used to create its individual elements. From lace, you can sew a top layer, under which there will be another material. If both fabrics have a slightly different shade – the effect will be unforgettable.

It is also an excellent material for veils. For this purpose, you can use organza or tulle, but also a typical lace – it all depends on the preferences of the bride. 

However, the wedding industry is not the only area in which lace materials are so popular. Other elements can also be sewn from such fabrics, for example:

  • sensual underwear, 
  • Skirts
  • Blouses
  • nightgowns,
  • Shirts
  • Dresses
  • Curtains. 

The type of application depends, of course, on the type of material. Some of them are openwork, so they are best suited for sewing a skirt with lining, while others are more compact – they are great for creating an airy evening blouse. 

Underwear is also very popular, which can be made entirely of lace fabric or openwork accessories can be decorative elements, giving the bra or T-shirt a sensual, feminine look. 

Lace fabrics – guipures

A significant part of our offer are gypsy lace materials. This is a specific type of fabric, which is characterized by large, irregular eyelets. They can be arranged in various patterns, for example, floral or geometric. Lace fabrics of this type somewhat resemble embroidery, although the technique of their creation is completely different. 

Modern guipures are most often made of polyester or elastane. This makes them very versatile, and at the same time easy to care for – curtains finished with this material can be washed, without fear that they will get damaged. 

What are these types of lace fabrics used for? are sewn from it:

  • Curtains 
  • Tablecloths 
  • napkins and treads,
  • decorative elements of clothing,
  • pillowcases. 

Very often, guipure is used to decorate clothing – shorts, blouses or dresses. It can also be the basis for creating a whole creation, for example an elegant dress. In our offer you will find materials in many colors and patterns – we have white, cream, black guipures, but also fabulously colorful. If you like such aesthetics, our assortment will certainly not disappoint you. 

Lace materials – French lace

Another proposal among lace materials in the online store is French lace. It is an extremely elegant type of material, captivating with its delicacy and rich decoration. This type of fabric is perfect for wedding dresses, but not only. 

It is soft and pleasant to the touch, so you can sew blouses, elegant underwear or clothing inserts from it. Lace materials of this type have different pattern density, so you can easily choose the variant that will work best in a specific application. French lace is the quintessence of chic and elegance. For years, it has reigned on the catwalks in various varieties and combinations.

How to care for lace clothes? 

Lace for a dress is an extremely visually graceful material, but many people find it difficult to care for – how to take care of clothes made of lace so that they do not deteriorate after the first wash? If these are store-bought items, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. In most cases, the information on the label should be enough to properly clean the dress or blouse. As a standard, it is recommended to wash lace materials by hand using delicate detergents, and then dry them flat or hung on a hanger (check in advance for any protruding elements that could damage the dress). If, on the other hand, you decide to do laundry in a washing machine, fasten all the hooks and place the lace fabric in a cotton bag.  

The issue of ironing remains – although by definition lace materials for dresses do not crease, most of us store clothes in such a way that it is difficult to avoid creases (e.g. in a drawer). Iron is strongly discouraged, because lace is too delicate, while a good solution is a clothes steamer that will smooth the material.

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