Krepa – materials in the Izpol store

The offer of the Izpol store is an extremely wide selection of materials with different properties. Regardless of what you plan to sew, you will certainly find exactly what you need with us. We offer both fabrics that will work in everyday use, such as jeans and corduroy, as well as products for special occasions, i.e. jacquards, silks or chiffons. We make sure that every item in our assortment is characterized by excellent functional properties and at the same time a beautiful appearance. We are sure of this, because we import them from proven Polish and foreign suppliers. 

When buying from us, you are therefore guaranteed that the product you choose, regardless of whether we are talking about printed cotton, polyester crepe or elegant satin, will have exactly the composition given in the description. You will also find hints on what you can sew from a given type of material and how to care for it. Are you looking for beautiful fabrics and knitwear? Browse our offer and choose what you like the most. If you have doubts about which product will work best for a particular application, we will be happy to advise you. 

Crepe material – what makes it stand out?

Crepe material is characterized by a straight weave, i.e. canvas, with high resistance to friction and high strength for regular use. This eagerly used fabric is available in many varieties – it is distinguished by:

  • natural crepe, 
  • silk crepe, 
  • viscose crepe,
  • flax crepe, 
  • satin crepe, 
  • cotton crepe,
  • wool crepe, 
  • polyester crepe,
  • chiffon crepe. 

Each type of material has slightly different characteristics resulting from the characteristics of the raw material from which it is made. In the case of natural variants, i.e. linen crepe or cotton crepe, for example, the material has a characteristic, granular structure on each side. The effect of uneven and surface of the fabric is due to strongly twisted crepe yarn.

The crepe material is resilient and at the same time soft, which is why it fits perfectly on the body and provides good breathability and pleasure of wearing even on hot days. Silk or polyester crepe is also elastic, flowing and resistant to creases. Its advantage is also a short drying time. 

Viscose, linen or cotton crepe is undemanding and easy to clean and care for. It can be washed both by hand and in a washing machine, setting the device to 30 degrees or turning on the program for delicate fabrics. There is no risk that the crepe material will be damaged or pilled in this way. For washing, it is best to use gentle detergents. Due to the resistance to creases, crepe clothes do not require ironing.

Silk crepe , on the other hand, is a delicate, thin, but opaque, semi-matte fabric. You can sew from it:

  • airy dresses, 
  • delicate blouses, 
  • Scarves 
  • Scarves. 

In her case, the washing regulations appropriate for silk should be used. This type of material also does not require ironing. Polyester crepe, i.e. made of artificial fibers, is also very easy to clean. Its advantage is a very short drying time. 

Viscose crepe – what can be sewn from it?

Viscose is a light and delicate fabric. Thanks to the fact that it is a material derived from natural raw materials, viscose crepe is a great choice for spring and summer clothes that will be airy and comfortable to wear even in hot weather. Delicate crepe material will work in many stylizations, because it fits well, aesthetically presents, and at the same time is very comfortable. 

From viscose crepe, as well as its synthetic counterparts, that is, polyester crepe, you can create comfortable spring and summer clothes both elegant and for everyday wear. Clothing made of viscose is recommended for allergy sufferers, because the material is suitable even for delicate skin. From airy viscose crepe you can sew:

  • Shirts
  • Blouses
  • tops with straps, 
  • overalls with a loose cut, 
  • summer and spring dresses, 
  • airy skirts, 
  • children's clothes.

One of the most practical features of crepe material is the absence of the need for ironing. This makes it extremely easy to care for and does not require tedious preparation of a given item of clothing before putting it on.

Linen and polyester crepe in our offer

We offer a wide range of crepe materials. You can buy fabrics made of various raw materials, both natural and artificial. Silk crepe is an ideal product for sewing summer, airy dresses, while linen crepe is a slightly stiffer material, which will also be great for summer, but for sewing clothes with slightly different styles. You can create from it, for example, a blouse in the style of boho or wear in the form of a scarf.

We encourage you to review our offer. We have prepared crepe materials in many beautiful colors and patterns. We have completely smooth products, with delicate subdued colors, as well as those that captivate with a riot of colors and strong geometric or floral patterns. The choice is yours.