Smooth silk

If you are looking for a durable and soft material, smooth silk fabric is just right for you! Things sewn from it will delight with shine and delicacy. Smooth silk is an ideal material for clothes due to its air permeability and hygroscopicity. Blouses made of this material are extremely soft and do not sensitize. In addition to it, we also recommend patterned silk, which is also offered by our fabric wholesaler in Poznań.

Smooth silk fabric – what can be sewn from it?

Until two hundred years ago, natural silk was associated with wealth and luxury. Today it is a fabric for everyone, but it is still widely recognized as a noble and elegant material. You can sew various clothes from it, as well as home accessories such as pillowcases. Red silk smooth will be perfect for sewing an evening dress. This fabric looks chic, but it is comfortable and I do not like it as quickly as other materials.

White silk is just right for an elegant blouse that you will wear to work and for big outings. It will go great with a stylish skirt, as well as with a tasteful scarf, which you will use black silk to make. There are really many possibilities. Our online fabric store offers so many colors of smooth silk that you are sure to find something for yourself.

Smooth silk – what is it characterized by?

Smooth silk is a fabric considered to be extremely elegant and for years it has been the quintessence of good style and sublime taste. It is not surprising, therefore, that he enjoyed the popularity of especially the upper social classes, who were able to pay for a coupon of smooth silk really large sums.

Fortunately, this material is now available to everyone. It is used by both professional seamstresses involved in sewing evening and wedding dresses, as well as hobbyists creating clothing for their own needs. Although the prices of silk per meter are not the lowest (compared to, for example, cotton or polyester), it is definitely worth taking an interest in it.

It is a unique fabric – both in terms of appearance, as well as properties and comfort of wearing. Matte and glossy silk is perfect for sewing clothes with a typically feminine cut, i.e.:

  • Dresses
  • evening dresses,
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • scarves and scarves,
  • nightgowns and pajamas,
  • Bed linen.

Each element made of smooth silk catches the eye, regardless of whether we are talking about a dressy dress or a delicate shawl worn every day. This is primarily due to the unique appearance of this fabric. Even an untrained eye can easily recognize whether it is dealing with polyester or natural silk of high quality.

Elegance, chic and luxurious appearance are therefore the hallmarks of this material. But that's not all. This fabric, both silk – satin, as well as its other varieties are very comfortable to wear. They provide excellent air circulation because they are light and airy. They are therefore perfect for sewing summer clothes, worn in the most intense heat.

Smooth silk is an organic material. It is formed as a result of the work of silkworms, that is, small insects that form yarn. It is therefore skin-friendly and does not irritate. It is recommended to wear shirts and pajamas made of this material to sleep, as they allow the skin to breathe.

People who care about their hair should buy pillowcases made of smooth silk. It is slippery and delicate, so it does not pluck and does not tangle strands during sleep.

In our offer you will find a wide selection of fabrics from this material, in different colors and variants. we offer, among others:

  • satin,
  • shandong,
  • taffeta,
  • silk mesh,
  • georgette,
  • organza,
  • dress silk,
  • silk with linen,
  • silk with lurex.

We are sure that from such a wide offer you will choose products that perfectly fit your taste. Silk prices per meter vary, which is why our assortment suits different needs and financial possibilities.

Silk satin – what projects is it suitable for?

Satin is a word derived from the Arabic language, meaning "smoothness". This is the perfect description of this material. On the one hand, it is glossy and shiny, and on the other, matte. It is made using satin weave, which indicates a specific way of joining fibers together.

It is worth emphasizing that satin can be made of various materials, for example cotton or viscose. Therefore, if you care about satin silk, look for exact markings on products made of it. One of the types of this material is satin – extremely popular for creating dresses or evening skirts.

Like her, satin is perfect for sewing clothes for special occasions. Its delicate shine, lightness and ease of beautiful laying on the figure of the wearing person make it a common choice when it comes to:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Blouses
  • Scarves
  • pajamas and nightgowns.

However, silk – satin can be used not only for sewing clothes. It is also recommended for sewing bedding, in particular pillowcases. It is pleasant to the touch, airy and does not tangle hair, which will be especially appreciated by people with lush curls.

Satin bedding is recommended especially in hot weather, because it gives the impression of a pleasant coolness, even when there are very high temperatures outside. In addition, it will give each bedroom a unique elegance and class. Silk – satin can also be used for extremely stylish and luxurious furniture upholstery.

If you like this type of smooth silk, remember that it requires proper care. Do not overdo it with the temperature during washing and beware of strong detergents that can damage delicate fibers or discolor the fabric.

Smooth silk by meters – price

When choosing silk for meters for your project, the price will depend on the quality of the material and its origin. What matters most is whether the material is made of pure smooth silk or has admixtures of synthetic fibers. The type of fabric, origin and place of production are also important.

In our offer you will find matte and smooth silk at different prices. Therefore, you can choose a product that suits your financial capabilities. However, we always offer the highest quality materials. Therefore, you can be sure that they will serve you for many years. The investment in good quality smooth silk will certainly be successful. We invite you to browse our wide offer.