Shirt fabrics

Shirt fabrics, which you will find in our offer, are very popular. No wonder – a shirt is one of the most versatile elements of clothing. It works great for many occasions, and can also take almost any form. Depending on the material from which it will be sewn, it can be very elegant, typically business or casual. It all depends on the preferences of the person who will wear it and the occasion for which he will wear it. 

Among the fabrics for shirt blouses you have a very large selection. You can buy from us, among others:

All shirt fabrics are available in a very wide range of colors. We offer many interesting patterns – flowers, stripes, leopard, geometric patterns and small darts. You can also buy many monochromatic materials from us – the palette of shades is extremely varied.

Fabrics for shirt blouses – which one to choose?

The choice of shirt fabrics is very wide. So how do you choose the material that will work best for your tailoring projects? First of all, consider what function the clothes you plan to sew are supposed to perform. Whether it's a shirt for work in muted colors and classic style, or maybe you are looking for something for special occasions or you want to create a holiday-type wardrobe – light, airy and casual. 

This is where it is worth starting when choosing a shirt fabric, because each material has slightly different properties. It arranges differently, behaves differently in the wash, and above all looks different on the figure. The classic among fabrics for shirt blouses is silk satin. It is extremely elegant, beautifully shimmering and perfectly adapts to the figure. If you are looking for something for special occasions, it will certainly work perfectly. 

Another proposal, also counted among the fashion classics, is shirt cotton. This is a proven choice when it comes to sewing shirt blouses. It is easy to cut and sew, wears well and does not damage itself during washing. Clothes made of natural materials will work on many occasions, and above all they can be worn regardless of the weather. They are airy, skin-friendly and fit well. 

So if you are looking for a shirt fabric for sewing clothes every day or for the office, shirt cotton will definitely be the right choice. 

Fabrics for shirt blouses – silk satin

Silk shirt fabric is one of the most elegant proposals. Great for sewing stylish and very feminine blouses. In our offer you will find it in many beautiful designs and colors. What exactly is silk satin?

The Italian satin we propose is made of 100% silk, a completely natural material. It is a dense, but at the same time very light fabric with a flat surface, woven in satin weave. Its additional advantage is smoothness and durability and the fact that it fits very well, does not show through and is pleasant to the touch. On the one hand, it is matte, on the other hand, it is nobly shiny.

All this makes shirt materials in the Izpol online store made of this fabric an excellent choice if you plan to sew elegant or business blouses. Natural fiber makes the shirt made of silk can be worn all day without worrying about discomfort and feeling stale. 

It is a skin-friendly material, very comfortable and breathable. It fits perfectly and makes the silhouette look impeccable. It is also worth mentioning that silk satin shirt fabrics are a symbol of good style, class, but also good situation. For years, silk was reserved for the highest social classes. Although almost everyone can afford it now, the impression it makes remains. 

Shirt fabrics – cotton and batiste

Cotton and batiste, i.e. its derivative, are extremely versatile and very popular shirt fabrics. They come from natural fibers, which is why they are very comfortable, airy and light. Their advantage is high durability, which is why they are great in the form of clothes that require daily washing. 

We offer a wide selection of cotton and batiste for sewing shirts and blouses. These materials come in many beautiful colors and patterns – delicate and pastel, but also expressive and saturated. Cotton shirt fabrics will work not only for sewing shirts for adults, but are also recommended for children. In our assortment you will find proposals that will appeal to people of all ages.

Shirt fabrics in the Izpol online store

Why is it worth choosing fabrics for shirt blouses from our offer? 

First of all, because:

  • are made of high quality materials, 
  • we check every fabric and knitwear, so there is no place for goods that do not meet our stringent requirements,
  • in the description of each product you will find tips on sewing and care, 
  • our offer is extremely wide, 
  • We import materials from trusted Polish and foreign suppliers.

Browse the assortment of shirt fabrics and choose materials from which you will create beautiful tailoring designs. Not sure what to do? Need help shopping? Contact us.