Fabrics for Summer

Our offer includes a wide selection of fabrics for the summer. You can buy from us various materials from which you can sew summer blouses, dresses, skirts or shorts. We offer both products that will work every day, as well as more elegant proposals, ideal for creating creations for special occasions. 

What materials for the summer are the best? Of course, those that provide comfort on hot days. We recommend cotton and bathiste, delicate viscose or silk. All products are available in a very wide range of colors. We have both monochrome fabrics and knitted fabrics, as well as with prints, patterns and patterns. The choice is almost unlimited – you will certainly find summer fabrics that will serve you to prepare original tailoring projects. 

What materials for the summer?

If you are looking for fabrics for the summer, from which you can sew clothes for warmer days, choose primarily materials that provide thermal comfort – they are light, airy and do not tighten the figure. For example, patterned viscose knitwear or traditional cotton will work great. It is worth paying attention not only to the appearance of the fabric, but above all to its properties. If you choose too thick or fleshy material, wearing it on hot days will be simply impossible. 

Among the items of clothing that, dominating in the summer wardrobe, can be distinguished:

  • Dresses 
  • Skirts 
  • trousers 
  • shorts
  • summer costumes.

Each of them requires the use of slightly different summer fabrics, although it is worth emphasizing that dresses can be sewn from almost any material that is in this category. Signed satin , viscose knitwear or linen will work great for this. It all depends on the preferences of the person who will wear the outfit, as well as on the occasions for which he will wear it. 

In the matter of fabrics for the summer, from which you can sew dresses, the choice is almost unlimited. The more that our offer includes countless types of patterns, patterns, colors and prints. Everyone will find what they like, regardless of what style is close to them.

Summer fabrics for dresses – satin

We offer a wide selection of summer fabrics ideal for sewing dresses. These include very elegant silk satins, which captivate with their smoothness and noble appearance. They are perfect for creating a creation for a larger exit, for example for a wedding or family celebration. 

Silk satin, which we obtain from Italian suppliers, is a dense and light fabric with a flat surface, made in satin weave. Its hallmarks are smoothness and delicate shine. The advantage is also exceptional durability – the material does not lose its properties even after many washes. 

Customers choose summer silk fabrics primarily because this material fits very well, does not show through and is pleasant to the touch. Satin on the one hand is matte, and on the other nobly shiny. You can sew from it not only dresses, but also:

  • delicate blouses, 
  • Skirts 
  • Scarves 
  • Scarves.

If you are looking for summer fabrics that will allow you to feel stylish and elegant in any situation, satin will certainly be the right choice.

Summer viscose fabrics

Viscose is another proposal that works perfectly in summer. It fits well, is pleasant to the skin, and in addition it is airy and does not cause a feeling of heat. 

Italian 100% viscose fabric, which you will find in our offer, is available in many interesting designs and colors. We recommend, among others, summer fabrics in animal prints, flowers, geometric patterns or stripes. 

Viscose is a fabric obtained from cellulose, i.e. it is a natural material. It is very airy and soft, gentle on the skin (not allergic) and perfectly absorbs moisture. Non-elastic, gently transparent fabric is perfect for sewing:

  • summer dresses,
  • Blouses
  • Skirts.

We also offer viscose in the form of knitted fabrics, i.e. flexible materials. It is also an interesting proposition for the summer. So what materials for the summer to choose? It is worth buying thinner products with a delicate weave that will provide breathability.  

Fabrics for summer – timeless cotton

Cotton is a material that always works – regardless of the season. However, as a fabric for the summer, it is especially recommended. First of all, because it is completely natural, skin-friendly and non-sensitizing. It also provides breathability. If you want your clothes to be extremely light and thin, choose a batiste. This is an extremely delicate variety of cotton fabrics, also recommended for sewing baby clothes. 

Printed and smooth cotton in the form of shirts, dresses or skirts is a choice that is always right. Perfect for sewing clothes for less formal occasions, everyday or recreational. In our offer you will find a large selection of summer fabrics made of one hundred percent cotton – check it out. These are products from trusted suppliers, whose quality we are sure of. You can choose from countless colors, patterns and patterns. Create original designs and sew what you like.