Velvet and Velour

Velor and velvet materials are a timeless classic that never gets boring. In the past, they were considered to be products reserved only for the richest, but today practically everyone can afford them. However, this does not change the fact that velvet and velor fabrics are still associated with unique occasions that require a special setting, also regarding the outfit. 

Velvet is a material pleasant to the touch, woven from natural fibers such as cotton, silk or viscose. It is perfect for evening creations and decorative curtains. Both velvet and velor are fabrics that are a variety of plush, thanks to which they are soft and appreciated in the interior design industry. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań imports high-quality materials from Italy, Spain and France, which you can buy in a stationary store or online. We offer, among others, silk velvet for meters and patterned velor – exclusive materials successfully used to sew jackets, vests, coats and skirts and dresses. They look great, which is why they are more and more boldly used in tailoring.

Velor, velvet and belong to the materials with fleece cover and constitute a variety of plush. The differences between fabrics are based primarily on the method of obtaining a fluffy cover and its length, on the thickness of the material, the type of fibers and their elasticity.

In our offer you will find velor and velvet material in a wide range of available variants. In addition to classic black, we also offer many other colors, including above all:

  • dark burgundy,
  • grenade
  • deep green,
  • intense red,
  • antique pink
  • fuchsia.

We offer smooth and patterned velour fabrics. You can opt for floral, geometric or animal patterns – for example, the very popular leopard or zebra. You can also buy embroidered velvet materials from us – extremely elegant and stylish. 

Velvet materials – what are their characteristics?

Velvet is a two-layer material, consisting of a substrate and fleece of dense, short threads (the ends of the thread of an additional warp or an additional weft form a characteristic mesh). It is the length of the threads that distinguishes it from plush – the length of the textile cover does not exceed 3 millimeters in the case of velvet fabrics. 

They are obtained by introducing additional rune threads in the form of loops between the warp and weft threads. Additional threads may remain uncut (loop velvet), they may also be cut (sheared velvet). Each of the velvet materials has a unique texture – it is extremely pleasant to the touch and soft. Therefore, it will be great not only for sewing clothes, but also for home accessories, for example pillows. 

In our store you will find a large selection of velvet fabrics in different colors and patterns. We also offer products made of various materials, including viscose and silk or polyester. You can opt for a flexible or inflexible variant, It all depends on what requirements for your project.

Stretch velvets are recommended for sewing autumn-winter outfits, such as dresses, skirts, jackets. The fabric can also be used decoratively, for example to create homemade textiles. 

Materials made of inelastic velvet are, in turn, an excellent choice for sewing elegant creations. They have the form of high-quality, flowing and very soft fabric. Velvet is the perfect choice for sewing a dress, blouse or skirt.

Velor fabrics – what can be sewn from them?

Velour fabrics are characterized by a truly royal appearance. Giving them such a term is justified. In past centuries, they were used mainly for sewing elegant creations, including royal and liturgical vestments. Velor reached Europe only in the twelfth century, and its cradle is India. He immediately gained enormous popularity, which continues to this day. Although the techniques of manufacturing velor fabrics have changed, the principle of creating this material is still unchanged. 

Velor is a very characteristic fabric and certainly everyone will easily recognize it. Once it was extremely popular, especially in the context of upholstering furniture, later it gave way to lighter materials. Currently, velor fabrics are returning to favor, and not only in the interior design industry. They are also very willingly used in tailoring projects. What characterizes this type of product?

Velor fabric belongs to the group of plush materials, quite often you can meet with such terms: velvet, velvet and plush used as synonyms. In fact, these are other products, although of course quite similar to each other. The method of ouraving them is similar, hence their considerable similarity.

Although due to their softness, velor materials seem very delicate, in reality they are very durable and resistant to many years of use. It is worth mentioning that this fabric is used to create furniture coverings that are resistant to cat's claws – so it is an ideal upholstery material. 

What is the difference between velvet and velor?

Velvet is a material often confused with velor – not without reason, because fabrics are extremely similar visually. The difference is due to the length of the coat, which in the case of velor is shorter, giving the effect of a thinner material than velvet. In turn, velvet is a slightly thicker (and stiffer) fabric, but covered with a pleasant mesh, which is responsible for its popularity in the interior design industry. Clothes made of velvet, once inaccessible to most people, today are perfect not only for evening outings, but also for everyday stylizations – without losing their nobility. 

It is worth emphasizing that the terms plush, velor velvet are very often used interchangeably. Although this is an inaccuracy, it has settled in everyday language for good. It is worth bearing this in mind when looking for the perfect materials for your projects. 

How to use velvet by meters?

Velvet fabric belongs to the materials that perfectly fit into interior design – accessories with its use warm the space, giving a cozy character with a touch of luxury. You can use velor as a material for pillowcases or beautiful curtains in an intense color. The fleshiness of velvet allows you to get an effective styling, regardless of the style in which the room is decorated – the key to success is, of course, moderation. Velor will also work great as upholstery of upholstered furniture, although you should remember about proper care of the fabric, thanks to which the furniture will repay with a noble appearance. 

Velvet fabrics will work not only in interior finishes. You can also sew elegant clothes from them, primarily dresses and skirts. Especially recommended in this context is velor elastic material, for example with an admixture of polyester. Such fabrics are very well arranged and look great. They are also very comfortable. 

An interesting proposition is also a velvet material made of viscose and silk. Classic fabric combined with interesting design makes it a great choice for sewing a dress, skirt or tunic for colder days. Also browse the other proposals that you will find in our offer. You can also buy haberdashery accessories from us, which will serve you to finish your projects. 

Where to order decorative velvet?

Izpol is a professional online fabric store where you will find not only cotton velvet or velor, but also other materials such as cotton, silk satin and natural silk – available in unique designs and colors that we obtain only from reliable sources. Photos of velvet by meters, which are on the website, were taken with extraordinary care to 100% reflect the character of the fabrics. Thanks to this, you can freely decide which design to order – you do not have to worry about disappointment. However, if contact with the material is important to you (which we understand perfectly), you can order a sample of silk velvet with delivery to the address indicated. This is the easiest way to find out if a given fabric is the only one!

We invite you to order velor and velvet fabrics, from which you will create original tailoring projects and more. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.