Wedding fabrics

Certainly, no one needs to be convinced that a wedding is a unique occasion in every respect. Months, and sometimes even years of preparation, precise refinement of all the details is almost a mandatory stage of planning such an event. Future brides usually spend a lot of time choosing their dream wedding dress. This only day must have a properly selected setting, also in terms of outfit. 

Although it has been assumed that the creations for this special occasion are kept in the colors of broken white or other pastel colors, in terms of cut or material for a wedding dress, the choice is almost unlimited. You can opt for timeless classics, i.e. tulle, lace and guipure, but less obvious variants will also serve as a wedding fabric

In our offer you will find everything you need to sew your dream creation for this special day. We offer not only wedding fabrics, but also many beautiful accessories – wedding applications, tapes, lace, nets and much more. We especially recommend accessories in the form of a ready-made corset, which can be used when creating a project. We encourage you to review the available proposals. We are sure that in such a rich offer you will find a material for a wedding dress that will appeal to you. 

Fabrics for dresses – wedding and other special occasions

High-quality wedding fabrics are all you need to create the perfect creation for the most beautiful day in your life. We offer, among others, silk chiffon, wedding lace and silk jacquard, which delight with their aesthetic workmanship. These are the highest quality fabrics that are great for wedding creations. We import materials from Italy, among others, from manufacturers who, like us, put quality first. Thanks to this, you can order not only beautiful, but above all durable wedding fabrics, in which every detail is made with the same care. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań also offers haberdashery wedding applications for elegant creations. 

Quality is a key criterion when choosing wedding fabrics. Such materials must look perfect. The bride is finally the focus of all the guests' eyes. The cut of the dress and the way it is sewn are eagerly commented on long after the wedding. Therefore, if you want to make a striking impression, start by choosing the right wedding fabric. The cross-section of such products is very wide, so you can choose one that suits your taste, expectations and figure. Gone are the days when dresses were sewn according to one scheme. Currently, there are plenty of possibilities, and high-quality fabrics for wedding dresses allow you to create any designs. 

If you are looking for such products, we invite you to browse the offer. You will find in it not only materials for wedding dresses, but also many different accessories. Our store is a place where you can stock up on everything you need. It's a convenient way to shop – you don't have to browse through multiple offers. If, on the other hand, you have questions or need advice on choosing a wedding fabric, we are at your disposal. We will be happy to help you choose the optimal product. 

Exclusive wedding fabrics – a wide selection

We are well aware of how difficult it is to find the right material for a dress, which is why we carefully select wedding fabrics available in the warehouse. At the same time, we provide a wide range of wedding lace and jacquard fabrics, because we know how important it is for our clients to be able to choose freely. What's more, in the Izpol online store you can easily order a free sample of wedding material – the peace of mind of the future bride is a priority. Not sure which wedding fabric will work best in your project? We are happy to share our knowledge and many years of experience – take advantage of it! We will tell you which wedding lace will best meet your expectations. 

You already have a design for your dream dress, and now it's time to choose materials for sewing it? Our offer is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. First of all, we made sure that fabrics for wedding dresses were available in many different variants. We know perfectly well that every future bride has an individual idea of how she wants to look on this special day. We will enable you to translate the project into a finished creation. It is worth starting just to choose a wedding fabric. It depends on her how the dress will look not only in terms of color or texture of the material, but also its cut. Depending on what effect you care about, you can choose an airy taffeta, elegant chiffon and organza, or bet on something completely different – silk satin, which flows softly around the figure. Currently, trends are very diverse, so there is no one universal recipe for your dream dress – it all depends on your tastes. 

What material for a wedding dress?

Our offer is an extremely rich selection of materials for wedding dresses. We offer, among other things, ready-made applications in the form of a corset, which can be a beautiful element of creation for this special day. You will also find many attractive types of tulle, which are great in the form of skirts or their inner layers, on which a finish of another material is applied. We especially recommend tulle in flesh colors, which even disappear on the skin. They allow you to get the maximum volume of the skirt, while remaining almost invisible.

A typical proposal of material for wedding dresses are also lace tapes. With their help, you can beautifully decorate both the corset and skirts. Such accessories are available in versions richly decorated with beads and sequins, but also much more economical in decorations – for example, in the form of narrow guipure. The choice is almost unlimited. We encourage you to contact us and we will suggest what material for a wedding dress to choose best. 

Dream wedding dress – the most beautiful fabrics

Every bride dreams of looking special on her wedding day. Her dress should be properly selected not only for the figure and beauty, but also for the nature of the ceremony. Therefore, wedding creation requires the right design. The most popular cuts include princess, empire or fish. Each of them has their supporters who will decide on just such a cut of wedding dress. In addition to the cut of the dress, wedding fabrics from which it will be sewn are also very important. The most common choices of brides include:

  • Lace
  • jacquards,
  • tulles,
  • Satin.

Materials for wedding dresses are available in various shades of white and ecru, sometimes with the addition of gold or silver. Among the many available designs and colors, every bride will find fabrics that best match her dress design.

Not only materials for wedding dresses

Our online fabric store offers not only carefully finished fabrics for wedding dresses, but also other products that delight with beauty. Available from us are

  • delicate to the touch silk satin,
  • noble natural silk,
  • airy muslin,
  • soft cotton.

We offer fabrics in many patterns, weights and colors, so you can easily choose the right material for you. Are you wondering if wedding fabrics for meters can be bought at a good price? Yes! Our wholesaler makes sure that the materials are not only of excellent quality, but also available in a reasonable price range.

Browse the available assortment of wedding fabrics and choose materials and accessories that will make you feel special on this special day. Our products will also work in many other situations. They can be used, among other things, to sew evening dresses, for example, for a prom or a New Year's Eve ball.

A common feature of all available materials for wedding dresses is their highest quality. We offer only fabrics and accessories whose species we are sure of. We choose them deliberately, because we know how important their type is for the success of any tailoring project. This is especially important when choosing wedding fabrics. Although the dress for this occasion is usually worn only once, it must be unique – we have no doubts.