Patterned design for dresses is an extremely subtle material – well tailored perfectly lies on each silhouette, emphasizing its strengths. The fabric is formed as a result of chemical treatment of cellulose. This means that it is produced from renewable natural resources. This material is therefore ecological, but at the same time very impressive. Wiskoza in our store is available in numerous designs,thanks to which you will create unique summer creations. These materials have different weights and are suitable for many tailoring projects. The fabric wholesaler in Poznań offers high-quality vycosm per meter imported from Italy and Spain, among others. Check out the available articles and choose the best fabric for your creation.

Environmentally friendly design

Wiskoza is a material that convinces more and more people. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also very durable. Therefore, it is very popular among those who care about ecology. In addition, the design is an extremely susceptible fabric – it is easy to sew from it, and also works well in the finished creation. Nor does it require special care in maintenance. Viscose clothes are not very rotting and ironing easily. Before sewing, however, it is worth carrying out decatization, because sometimes viscose fabrics tend to shrink.

Wiskoza per meter – creative tailoring projects

The design per meter can be smooth or in patterns. Therefore, it is ideal for creating all kinds of creations – both elegant and everyday. You will sew from it:

  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Shirts.

All the clothes made of it will certainly look special. Moreover, thanks to their airiness, they will work well on the silhouette, as well as ensure air permeability. Wiskoza is therefore a great material for summer dresses or thin blouses. Among fabrics of this kind, the design of silk or polyester is also of great interest. If you are not sure which fabric works best for your project, you can order a free sample from us. Then you'll be sure that the creative will meet your expectations.

The best materials available in Poznan and online

Our online fabric shop offers not only a 10-metre high. We also offer:

All materials come from proven manufacturers and are of high quality. We make every effort to ensure that our assortment meets all customer expectations. The website contains professional photos of materials, making it easier to make the final decision – e.g. patterns on the design are perfectly visible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!