Lycra, New

Lycra is a material made of polyamide or polyurethanefibers, which are ideal for sports outfits, including dance. The popularity of spandex is due to its high tensile resistance and high elasticity, thanks to which you can forget about ironing. At the same time, sports lycra is pleasantto the touch, resistant to sweat and deodorants, without which it is difficult to imagine intense physical activity today. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań carefully selects all materials – thanks to this you get a high-quality spandex with the addition of elastane available in different colors, including glitter. Our online fabric shop also offers professional photos of materials such as dance lycra, natural silk and silk satin. We want to accurately reflect the quality of fabrics and their specificity. However, if you prefer to evaluate it yourself, order a free sample. See how durable our dance fabrics are!

A brief history of spandex

Though not entirely fair, sports lycra may be associated with kitsch – meanwhile, the history of spandex is a story of a small revolution in the clothing industry. Lycra is the invented name for the elastane fibers responsible for the perfect fit of the material to the body. And it is elastane that is the only term acceptable to the European Union – both lycra and spandex are terms that cannot appear on the tags of our clothes. Synthetic fiber, which conquered the hearts of the fashion industry, was invented in the late 1950s in the United States. The name spandex is an anagram of the English word expands,which means expanding and is a feature of lycra that athletes, including dancers, appreciate. Most happily, spandex is only part of the composition of clothes – it is willingly mixed with cotton and polyester.

Lycra sports – what to wear?

Sportswear has long crept into our everyday life, no matter how often – or at all – we visit the gym. Lycra dance is a great material fordancers bending in all ways, but it will also work in home conditions when you still need to lift, clean and translate something. Parents will understand this especially well, but people without children also take care of their apartments and want to spend their free time in comfortable clothes. Dance fabrics can be used to sew not only comfortable leggings,but also for evening creations in the style of the eighties – shimmering colors tune positively for any fun.

Because spandex is a synthetic material in recent years, it has gained a bevy of opponents – rightly so? This is a moot point. Synthetics have many drawbacks, but the topic of the clothing industry should be approached with common sense. Modern sport wouldn't exist if it weren't for the dance lycra, and pantyhose still wouldn't cling to our bodies. Often demonized synthetic fibres simply have different properties than natural fabrics.