Knitted sweater

When it starts to get gray outside the window, sweater knitwear is the most frequently chosen material in haberdashery. However, you do not have to wait with its purchase until the autumn-winter period. Warmer covers are also worth sewing for early spring or cool summer evenings. It will work, for example, elegant knitted sweater. If you want to order material , it is best to do it in a place offering high quality products, i.e. such as our fabric wholesaler in Poznań.

Knitted sweater not only for sewing sweaters

Knitwear is most often associated with making sweaters, moreover, the name suggests it to us. Indeed, some types of thick knitted sweaters resemble in their structure knitted material or crocheted. However, it is also suitable for making other warm clothes. You can sew winter dresses, skirts, vests or blouses from it. Openwork sweater knitwear will be an excellent material for making a colorful cape. Such a cheerful accessory will revive the winter outfit, in which gray and black shades often predominate. On the other hand, thick sweater knitwear with hair is an excellent material for creating a fashionable pullover that will go great with dark pants and high boots.

Knitted fabrics for sweaters are worth buying at industry points such as our online fabric store. You will find materials for every occasion such as original patterned knitwear or one-color smooth knitwear.

Knitwear and fabric – are they the same thing?

Many people have a problem with distinguishing knitwear from fabrics, some even use these terms interchangeably. It is worth realizing that these are two different materials and it is not only about the name, but above all about the properties of each of them. Fabrics are woven from many threads. The weft and the warp are joined together at right angles or obliquely, forming a kind of braid. Thanks to this, the material is quite rigid and very little susceptible to stretching (unless it contains an admixture of synthetic fibers). 

In contrast, knitted fabrics are made from one thread. The knitting process is very similar to knitting, but if it is done by machine, it gives much more possibilities than hand knitting. First of all , sweater knitwear can have different thickness, type of weave and accuracy. What is the most important feature of such a material is flexibility. It can stretch, thanks to which the clothing that is made of it is very comfortable and ideally suited to the role of outerwear – sweaters, vests or sweatshirts. It is worth emphasizing that tracksuits are also sewn from knitwear. Here, however, a special type is used – a tracksuit. 

Therefore, if you are not sure what is the difference between knitwear and fabric, it is mainly about the type of weave, i.e. connecting threads or threads with each other. Both materials can be used to create many different projects. For sewing sweater knitwear, however, you need to use a slightly different needle and position the machine in an appropriate way to preserve the flexibility of the resulting clothing. 

Sweater knitwear in our store – what are their characteristics?

In our warehouse, knitted fabrics are available in many different variants. It is not only about the pattern, but also about other properties of individual products. Knitted sweaters are perfect for sewing sweaters, but not only. You can also create dresses, skirts, scarves and blouses from them. It all depends on what product you choose:

  • Wool
  • wool with an admixture of acrylic, 
  • cotton 
  • cotton with an admixture of polyester. 

Each of them will behave slightly differently after sewing. Polyester will make it work better, while acrylic will give stiffness, but also improve resistance to damage and converging in the wash.

Knitted sweaters can also be knitted in various ways. In our offer you will find thick materials with a tight weave, but also delicate, openwork, ideal for summer products. As you can see, these are products that will work not only for sewing winter clothes. Sweater knitwear gives very great creative possibilities – so it's worth using it. 

Sweater knitwear – what do we offer?

You can buy different types of sweater knitwear from us. We offer woolen knitted fabrics, jersey type – warm, covering and softly arranged. You can sew blouses, sweaters and skirts from them. Most of them do not require the use of lining, so you can significantly reduce the preparation time of a given product. 

Some of them have admixtures of other fibers – polyester, polyamide or acrylic. Thanks to them, they are more flexible and fit better. They are also more durable – they do not converge in the wash and do not pill.

A significant part of our offer is occupied by thick sweater knitwear. These are typical products for creating winter sweaters, warm skirts or dresses. They are perfect for winter, perfectly protect against cold and are pleasant to the touch.

However, knitted sweaters are, contrary to their name, products not only for sewing sweaters. You can also buy openwork materials from us, which are perfect for creating light scarves or skirts for warmer seasons. They are available in many attractive colors, so you can easily choose the model that suits you best in terms of visuals. 

Knitted sweaters thick and thin – how to choose them?

You don't know how to choose the perfect product for your projects. First of all, look at its properties. We offer thin sweater knitwear, from which you can create clothing for any season, but also thicker, typically winter. So think about the function of the created wardrobe item – a warm sweater for severe frosts, or a more delicate, elegant turtleneck in which you can go to a business meeting. 

We have described each product, containing tips on its sewing, for example, whether it is necessary to sew the lining. This will certainly make the choice easier, it will also be a tip for people who are less skilled in creating clothes on their own, especially if it is knitwear. Wholesale Izpol offers woolen sweater knitted fabrics with an interesting weave, in many shades. We offer products in zigzags, referring to the appearance of retro style, but we also have typically modern models – with stripes, geometric patterns, or completely smooth. The latter are perfect for sewing elegant sweaters, turtlenecks and dresses. 

If you care about a timeless style, choose Italian knitted sweater knitted fabrics made of linen. This is an elegant proposition for every season of the year – linen is airy, and at the same time pleasant to the touch and ecological. 

Browse the proposal of thick and thin sweater knitwear and choose materials from which you will create unique products. If you need support while shopping or are interested in the properties of individual products, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.