High-quality, exclusive fabrics for dresses are our priority, becausewe know perfectly well that the quality of the material is responsible for the character of the whole creation. Both silk satin andsignature cotton, natural silk, lace and velourwith sequins are available. All exclusive fabrics are carefully selected – individual materials come from Italy, Spain and France, where chic has been inextricably linked to quality for decades. In the store you will find unique patterns and beautiful colors, which allows you to create unique creations for almost any occasion. The fabric wholesaler in Poznań is an exclusive material for dresses, evening outfits and unique clothes every daythat allow the body to breathe freely. Worried about online shopping? The online fabric store sends samples of luxury materials free of charge, making it easy to dispel any doubts. See for yourself that our exclusive evening fabrics are the perfect choice!

Are exclusive fabrics always expensive?

It is difficult to expect that exclusive materials for dresses will be just as cheap as poor quality polyester. In our online store you will find luxury materials in different price range,because we make sure that everyone can take advantage of the offer. The truth is, however, that if you want to order exclusive fabrics for dresses, it is worth to count on a little more expense – in return, you get high-quality goods, with high durability, beautiful coloring and resistance to mechanical damage. This is hardly an unfair transaction. Also, remember that today's luxurious fabrics are much more accessible than they were a dozen or so decades ago. This means, among other things, lower prices, thanks to which we enjoy silk blouses or satin pillowcases. So if you want to sew a beautiful creation, choose one of our exclusive materials for an evening dress and admire the visual effect!

How to properly care for exclusive fabrics?

Although inconcluses exclusive fabrics are very durable,they are also considered to be delicate materials that require proper care. The basic principle is not to use detergents with a strong cleaning effect – instead of bring the luxurious material to the ideal state, we can end up with discolored fabric. If you decide to use a washing machine, choose a program designed for delicate fabrics such as cashmere or silk. To avoid damage to delicate fibers, it is worth additionally securing exclusive materials for dresses. In this role, laundry bags, which we often use to wash underwear, will work perfectly. It is also extremely helpful to fasten all the buttons and locks in clothes – they are one of the most common causes of damage that occurs after washing. Order our exclusive evening fabrics, take care of the right care and enjoy a beautiful look!