Jacquard linings

When you sew jackets, jackets and other outerwear, jacquard linings are extremely important. Although in general the outer side of the coat is not visible, it is worth paying attention to it. Fabric for lining must therefore not only be durable and pleasant to the touch, but also should look aesthetically pleasing. Smooth lining fabric will work well for this purpose, but the linings in patterns look very good. Both are offered by our fabric wholesaler in Poznań.

Jacquard fabrics for lining – why is it worth buying them?

The role of lining in clothes is very important. The inner layer not only provides visual qualities, for example, covering the stitch made, but also improves the form and comfort of wearing clothing. Jacquard lining is also an element characteristic of hand-made clothing elements. In mass production, due to the need to reduce its costs, it is often omitted. This is what you can get to know the clothes made to measure – each of them is developed very precisely, including less visible parts, such as the lining. 

So if you are a seamstress, make sure that your customers receive finished products with attention to every detail. The products available in our offer will certainly help you in this. We offer a wide selection of jacquard fabrics for lining. The color palette is very wide, so you can easily match a specific product to a given project. You can also buy jacquard fabrics with signed linings, which will add elegance and chic to every garment. 

The advantage of using jacquard linings is also that they ensure the preservation of the cut of clothing. The inner layer has a stiffening effect, not allowing the clothing to push out on the knees, elbows or buttocks. Thanks to this, the dress or coat retains its form even after many years of use. The role of such a fabric is also to take care of the good appearance of the creation when worn. Thanks to it, you can mask the shortcomings of the figure, such as unwanted folds, and slim it optically. As you can see, an inconspicuous, hidden fragment of material is very important – that's why it should definitely not be overlooked.

It is worth choosing jacquard fabrics for lining, which are not only well matched to the type of clothing, but above all are characterized by high quality. 

Jacquard – what is its characteristic?

Jacquard is a thick and fleshy fabric that is characterized by a dense weave. Durable material is used by fashion designers, designers and upholsterers. Jacquard fabrics are distinguished by a rich design. They come in a single or multi-color version and are extremely elegant. Jacquard is a double-sided material with slightly shiny, large and spectacular patterns. The color of the ornament changes depending on which side the light falls. It is sewn from it, among others:

  • Dresses 
  • Blazers
  • Navy
  • home textiles, 
  • furniture upholstery.

It also works great in the production of clothing accessories, i.e. primarily linings. 

How to care for jacquard fabric for lining?

The method of pressing and the temperature depend on the composition of the material. It should be emphasized that the temperature is always adjusted to the most delicate fiber. Most jacquard fabrics are not resistant to high temperatures, so it is recommended to carry out the test in an invisible place so as not to damage the clothing. 

Jacquard fabrics can be washed at 30oC both in a washing machine and by hand. They should not be swirled, you can only unscrew them manually. It should also not be dried in the sun. If you have doubts about how to care for jacquard linings so as not to damage them, you can give your clothes to dry cleaning. 

Jacquard linings – what materials do we make them from in our warehouse?

We know very well how important the material for jacquard lining is. This element has an impact on the comfort of wearing clothing and on the overall appearance. That is why our online fabric store offers jacquard linings made of the highest quality materials. Some of them are made of acetate, cellulose fiber, which perfectly absorbs moisture and is well breathable. Jacquard silk linings are also willingly chosen by customers. They are great for lining skirts, dresses or coats. Jacquard viscose linings are also very practical. They are perfect for finishing costumes, jackets or jackets. Jacquard lining fabric made of polyester is great for elegant vests and all kinds of jackets.

How to choose the type of lining for clothes?

Choosing the right material for the lining is very important. It is not only about aesthetic issues, because a wide range of patterns and colors easily allows you to match the fabric to a specific project. First of all, you should pay attention to the thickness and type of weave of the inner layer of clothing. 

It is assumed that the higher the weight of the fabric, the thicker the jacquard lining should be. Therefore, products made of acetate, i.e. durable cellulose yarn, will work well for fleshy materials. 

They can be used for impersonation:

  • Coats 
  • Jackets 
  • Flak 
  • jackets.

Acetate during production is treated with acids, thanks to which it gains increased resistance to discoloration. This is an important feature in the case of jacquard linings. Another advantage of this type of material is high absorbency and breathability. It is very comfortable to wear and provides high comfort in any weather.

In our offer you will find a wide selection of jacquard linings made of acetate. You can adjust their color to the project you are creating. We also offer signed products – very elegant and chic. 

Patterned jacquard fabrics for lining

We have also prepared a wide selection of jacquard linings in patterns. Jacquard is a material that is ideal for giving it various types of patterns. Thanks to a properly selected weaving technique, you can get almost any type of design. Moreover, the material shimmers beautifully and changes color depending on the angle of incidence of light. 

Jacquard linings are therefore a beautiful decoration of any item of clothing. It is worth using them especially when sewing jackets or coats, i.e. unbuttoned clothes. It is also a great choice if, according to the design, the sleeves of the jacket or jacket are to be rolled up. Jacquard finish will be an original decoration.

Browse the wide selection of fabrics available in our warehouse. We are sure that both professional seamstresses and people involved in sewing as a hobby will find something for themselves.