Silk was already known in ancient China, but also today, almost 5000 years later, it still enjoys considerable popularity and is willingly used not only for the production of clothes. With the offer of our fabric wholesaler in Poznań, we prove that every silk fabric is different – we recommend many fantastic designs in fairy-tale colors. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment and to place orders. In our store you can buy natural silk at a good price.

Silk – exclusive fabric in the Izpol store

Our online fabric store is a frequent new supply of fantastic silks, as well as other materials imported, among others, from Italy, and thus from the cradle of fashion experiments. We are convinced that in the Izpol offer everyone will find the perfect proposal for themselves. We recommend, among others:

  • silk chiffon,
  • silk muslin,
  • silk twill,
  • elastic silk,
  • silk crepe,
  • jacquard silk,
  • silk organza,
  • costume silk,
  • silk satin.

Each silk – smooth and patterned our wholesale offers at a favorable price, and a wide price range makes it easy to hunt for an attractive opportunity. In addition, customers can choose from many available designs, motifs and colors: plants, animals, dots, grids, abstractions, smooth color... We have something for everyone! We highly recommend all silk fabrics from our online store.

Silk materials – what kind to choose?

As you can see, silk materials come in many types. so how do you choose the right fabric for your application? It is worth looking at the properties of each of them. It is necessary to know that silk silk is uneven. Satin has a different structure and is slightly different than, for example, crepe or muslin.

Therefore, if you plan to sew from this type of fabric, browse the silk offer in the Izpol store and check which of the materials will work best. Each product has been described so as to make it easier for you to choose. We suggest what elements can be sewn from individual products and what technique is worth using when cutting and sewing.

Most of the available ones, however, will work very well for creating such elements as:

  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Scarves
  • Scarves

Especially dresses made of silk are very popular among ladies, especially those who focus on timeless elegance. This material has been considered the quintessence of good style and class for centuries. Its lightness, airiness and delicate shine captivate fashion designers and trendsetters around the world. However, nothing stands in the way of using silk also for projects created at home. The more so because you can choose from an almost unlimited number of patterns, colors and types of this material.

Browse the available silk fabrics in our offer and choose the one that best suits your expectations.

Satin silk – what is it characterized by?

Silk satin is an extremely smooth and delicate material. How was it possible to achieve such an effect? It is worth looking at how this fabric is made.

Silk material can be processed in several ways. One of them is to interweave the threads in such a way that they form a satin pattern (this way of weaving is called satin weft). The finished silk fabric is double-sided – on the one hand smooth and slippery, on the other matte. This type of fiber joining allows you to get a flowing surface, which can be easily laid and draped.

Importantly, satin can be made of many materials, it is not always silk. It is worth paying attention to this, because often manufacturers of clothing or decorative accessories in the descriptions include information that they were made of satin. However, they do not give the raw material from which the fabric was created. Many people therefore assume that it is implicitly silk – but often you are dealing with polyester, cotton or microfiber.

The descriptions of our products always inform you exactly what the material coupon was made of. In this category you will find exclusively silks, in others you can look through cotton, polyester or wool.

What can be sewn from satin? First of all, elegant and very feminine outfits for solemn occasions. Silk in this form is suitable for creating:

  • Dresses
  • wedding and evening dresses,
  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • scarves.

Silk in the Izpol store comes from reputable suppliers, so you can be sure that you choose the highest quality fabrics. You can also sew very demanding elements of clothing from them, and even the aforementioned wedding dresses.

Silk in the Izpol store – jacquards

Jacquard silk is a very interesting variety of this fabric. It is inflexible, thin, but at the same time opaque. Its characteristic feature is a delicate shine. Jacquards are available in many variants – patterns on the fabric can be arranged in cubes, rhombuses or squares.

Jacquard silk is extremely elegant. From this type of materials can be sewn:

  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Scarves.

For the construction of dresses and shirts, thicker jacquard will work better, while scarves can be successfully sewn from more delicate, even slightly transparent fabrics. The delicate shine, which is visible with every movement, makes a woman dressed in jacquard clothing perceived as elegant and familiar with classic fashion.

Jacquard shirts are an ideal choice for business meetings or more solemn circumstances. At the same time, they are very comfortable – silk is a fully natural material, very pleasant to the skin and airy. Therefore, if you have to maintain a professional look throughout the day, business clothes made of jacquard silk will be a hit.

Silk fabrics – crepe

Another proposal among silks, which you will find in our store, is crepe. This type of silk is a very delicate, thin, semi-matte fabric. It is very pleasant to the touch and fits perfectly, adapting to the figure.

You can create from it all types of clothes that are associated with feminine style, that is:

  • delicate blouses,
  • airy dresses,
  • scarves, scarves,
  • Skirts.

In our silk shop you will find crepe in many attractive colors, including mustard, red, burgundy or black. We also offer crepe in patterns – large clear zigzags, flowers or a delicate stripe. The fabric is ideal for creating summer clothes from silk.

How to distinguish natural silk from artificial silk?

Natural silk is made from silkworm yarn, while rayon (commonly called viscose) is made from wood cellulose fibers – so can it be considered an artificial material? Do not necessarily. High-quality viscose will work as well as silk fabric. A bigger problem are synthetic fakes, which, although tempting with a low price, will not repay the properties of natural silk – including the ability to absorb moisture and the fluidity and softness of the material. For this reason, it is worth ordering silk in a proven wholesaler that cooperates with the best fabric suppliers – this is what you can expect from our store. 

How to wash natural silk?

There is probably no person who would not lose his favorite clothes as a result of inadequate washing – shrunken sweaters and discoloration on shirts are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you have silk chiffon or silk muslin at home, it is better to avoid a washing machine. The exception is when you have a tried and tested gentle wash mode that doesn't hurt your clothes (though the truth is that you're never sure how your washing machine will handle silk this time). The safest solution for natural silk is dry cleaning, but at the same time it is more expensive than hand washing. This, in turn, requires delicacy at every stage of washing, which means an absolute lack of strong detergents.

We invite you to shop. Choose the perfect airy silk in our online store and give it a new life. Will it become a stylish scarf or scarf, or maybe a light dress, perfect for summer days? We believe that with our silks every one of your designs will be perfect!