Patterned viscose

Viscose is a material that gives almost unlimited possibilities in terms of creating tailoring projects. A wide selection of weights, colors and patterns allows you to implement even the most unusual clothes and accessories. In our offer you will find smooth and patterned viscoses in many variants. You can choose them in terms of weave, grammage and, of course, patterns. 

We have prepared a diverse assortment that allows everyone to sew what they like and how they like. However, regardless of what patterned viscose interests you, you can be sure of the highest quality of any material. We know that this is the basis for successful implementations, which is why we provide customers only with products whose species we are sure of. Browse the available offer and choose the options that suit you best. We've also prepared a separate liner fabric category to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Patterned viscose – what is this material?

Viscose has many advantages. Although it is an artificial fiber of plant origin, it behaves like natural materials, i.e. linen and cotton. Viscose clothes are very well suited for hot weather: they are airy and let the air through without any problems. Made of viscose, the clothing is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also recommended for allergy sufferers, because it does not sensitize and is skin-friendly. Viscose material perfectly absorbs moisture, which is why it is great for summer. 

By choosing a material from patterned viscose, you gain:

  • silky appearance,
  • the possibility of any draping on the figure,
  • softness and skin-friendliness, 
  • comfort of wearing,
  • long durability – preservation of the cut and color of finished clothes.

How is such a fabric made? It is obtained as a result of chemical treatment of cellulose. Its main component is purified wood mass, most often obtained from coniferous wood, e.g. spruce. Patterned viscose is a natural raw material, which, however, requires a complicated technological process, which is why it cannot be unequivocally classified as a natural or artificial material.

On the one hand, it is skin-friendly like cotton, on the other hand, it retains the desired properties of plastics obtained artificially, i.e. polyester, for example. Moreover, this type of fabric is available in a wide selection of patterns and colors. Viscose material? Leopard, flowers, ornaments or abstract patterns – choose what fits your style.

Types of patterned viscose – how to choose them?

When creating the design of a given piece of clothing, it is always necessary to take into account the type of material from which it will be sewn. This is very important primarily for the comfort of wearing, but also for the form of the finished product. By choosing viscose fabrics in flowers or leopard, you can therefore be sure that the clothes that will be made of them will be very soft and comfortable. 

Viscose is a material that fits very well and retains its shape despite repeated washing, but pay attention to the weight and type of weave. Żorżeta or dress fabric is perfect for sewing elegant and summer creations. If, on the other hand, you plan to sew a costume, look primarily among costume fabrics that are characterized by slightly higher thickness and rigidity of the material. 

Thanks to this, you will get exactly the effect you expect, and at the same time tailoring work will be faster and more convenient – without fear of losing the cut, the need to make time-consuming corrections.

What can be sewn from patterned viscose

Patterned viscose is traditionally associated with dresses, although this is not its only use. There are a lot of possibilities, and their scope depends practically only on the imagination of the seamstress. Viscose material in flowers is perfect for sewing airy skirts for the summer. It fits very well and is airy, so it is very well suited to wear in warm weather. Viscose fabric in leopard print can be used to sew elegant blouses. It emphasizes the advantages of the figure, at the same time they retain their form, even after many washes. 

These are, of course, only examples that can be used. There are really many options – patterned viscose is an extremely versatile material. When designing, it is worth taking into account this type of weave and grammage. This allows you to better select the fabric for a specific application. If you need help with shopping, we are at your disposal. We will be happy to advise you on what products are worth choosing for sewing certain types of clothing. 

We encourage you to browse our rich offer You will find in it the material viscose in flowers, leopard, geometric patterns, ornaments and much more. We focus primarily on quality, so you can be sure that you choose fabrics of good quality. Not only do they look great, but above all they are comfortable to wear and do not lose their properties. Clothes made of patterned viscose can be an investment and for years – especially if you choose a timeless cut and universal color. 

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