Taffeta is distinguished by a characteristic rigid structure and a slight rustling when moving. For years, it has been recognized as a luxurious fabric from which rich, often generously draped ball gowns are made. It is extremely chic and elegant, and depending on the angle of incidence of light, it shimmers with a different color, which adds to its extraordinary charm. In our store you will find taffeta in many colors, as well as its patterned variants, with a twotone effect and woven from three colors of threads.

Taffeta – a fabric with historical roots

Tafta is a material associated with the past and elegant balls organized on various occasions by the rich. It was obligatory to perform on them in elegant dresses sewn especially for such events. They were distinguished by exceptional dressiness, often carefully fitted yoke and wide, heavily draped skirt. In a certain historical period, they were additionally supplemented with a special metal frame, which formed a large lampshade from the skirt.

Tafta has very distant roots, because its unique qualities were appreciated already in the twelfth century in Baghdad. It was from there that she came to Europe, and in particular to France and Italy, which for years were the places of her rule. Over the centuries, the use of this material has also changed. The characteristic rigidity conducive to laying folds and flounces made the fabric an excellent home material for decorating windows, tables, beds and other interior items. Currently, taffeta is back in favor, and its largest producers are India and Pakistan. The fabric itself and the methods of its production have also evolved.

Silk taffeta and more

So what is taffeta? Material of this type in its original form is made of silk fibers. Thanks to this, it gains even more in nobility and refinement. The combination of a characteristic structure with an extremely valuable natural raw material and the effect of multi-colored shining makes it an unusual and unique fabric. However, silk taffeta is not the only one. Due to its high price and great interest in this material in the past, manufacturers have developed technologies for the production of taffeta from other fibers. Today you can buy polyester, nylon or viscose taffeta. Although it does not have the inimitable glow typical of silk, it also looks impressive in costumes and decorations.

Taffeta is a material with a dense canvas weave, which gives it a characteristic rigidity. Thanks to it, once laid the composition maintains its form and does not deform. Costumes made of it give the impression of starched, although there are also softer and more pleasant to the touch taffeta hatched. A valuable feature of the material is also the combination of its thin structure with high strength. It also has a shape memory, which means that the complex drapery made of it can be straightened without leaving permanent creases.

Taffeta by the meter – where can it be used?

Modern clothing fashion has long moved away from stiff, richly draped ball gowns. Despite this, however, taffeta is still valued by designers of elegant dresses for grand galas, as well as wedding fashion. This is the only material that allows brides to fulfill the dreams of a dress with a lace yoke and a condition complemented by a richly draped skirt. 

In evening fashion, taffeta is also used to sew long dresses for stars from the red carpet, as well as elegant dresses for weddings, theater premieres or New Year's Eve balls. In addition, the material will work in shorter prom or party dresses in retro style, with characteristic flared skirts.

Another area in which taffeta is still popular is interior decorating. The possibilities of this material make it ideal for arranging window decorations. You can arrange draped curtains, curtains, lambrequins, sew pillowcases, bedspreads, canopies or Roman blinds. Tafta also occupies an important place in wedding arrangements. It is ideal for decorating tables and chairs or for forming textile flowers, bows, decorating flower arrangements and other elements.

Taffeta – material in many varieties

 If you are looking for an elegant material to create occasional interior decorations or sew elegant dresses, get to know the taffartia offer in our store. In addition to the traditional one-color variant, you will also find materials with unusual features that you can use in your arrangements. An example are taffetas woven from threads in two or three colors, which sparkle with colorful reflections. 

We sell both silk and polyester taffeta. In the assortment you will also find rustic shantung, which is a natural silk with a textured surface, which is perfect for decorations and rustic costumes. Noteworthy is taffeta per metery jacquard with dots or flowers, as well as with a bark structure and satin.