Patterned silk

To all those who like to sew unusual clothing and accessories, we recommend patterned silk, which is perfect for creating unique creations. Thanks to such clothes, you will positively stand out from the crowd. Patterned silk fabric is not only extremely impressive and elegant, but also durable and practical. However, it is important to buy it only in professional points such as our online fabric store, because then it will serve you for many years.

Patterned silk – what to use it for?

Natural silk is a reliable material that you can use to create a wardrobe and accessories. For example, silk in patterns is an ideal fabric for elegant dresses for the summer or airy blouses for the spring. Silk in peas will work great as a material for shawls or scarves. You can also make from it elastic bands-wrappers for hair, which are very practical. Signed silk is perfect for sewing pillowcases. Thanks to it, your interior will acquire an elegant character. In turn, thick patterned silk fabric will be just right for sewing stylish curtains that will perfectly fit into any arrangement.

Other silk patterns also look good, which our fabric wholesaler in Poznań also offers. Browse the available products and see which ones best suit your taste.

Patterned silk – why is it worth it?

Are you looking for fabrics for your tailoring projects? We are sure that among the silk designs offered you will find what you need. We make sure that our assortment is very wide. We know that the needs of our clients are diverse – both professionals and hobbyists buy from us. The silk pattern available in our offer can be maintained in a variety of styles, thanks to which they captivate with a riot of colors, and at the same time are of excellent quality.

Why choose this material? Because printed silk and smooth silk have been considered exceptionally elegant materials for hundreds of years and associated with good taste. Clothing and accessories made of it are considered to be extremely chic, one that is ideal for both solemn occasions and business meetings. In a word, patterned silk is an excellent choice whenever you want to look impeccable.

However, the appearance is not the only advantage of this fabric. It is also very pleasant to wear – it fits perfectly, is airy and pleasant to the touch. The great advantage of printed and smooth silks is that they are fully organic materials. They are woven from fibers produced by silkworms, that is, small insects specially bred to obtain this raw material from them.

Printed silk is available in many variants, which differ from each other in the way of weaving threads. In our store you will find, among others:

  • silk satin,
  • silk twill,
  • silk muslin,
  • silk crepe,
  • costume silk.

Each of the proposed silk patterns has slightly different properties, so it is worth choosing products for specific applications. For example, crepe is ideal for skirts, while satin can be used to sew dresses or bedding. If you are not sure which variant will work best, we will be happy to advise you.

What can be sewn from patterned silk?

Printed silk, like other varieties of this material, is very versatile. It is light and airy, which is why it is perfect for sewing summer and spring clothes, especially those with a feminine cut. This fabric fits very well and flows softly around the figure. So if you dream of a dress that will emphasize your strengths, patterned silk will be a hit. However, this material is suitable not only for sewing dresses. What else can be created from it?

Among other things, captivating with their colors:

  • Skirts
  • Blouses
  • Dresses
  • pajamas and nightgowns,
  • bedding
  • scarves and scarves.

We offer a wide selection of silk patterns – classic, modern, small and very clear patterns. You can also choose between many shades – pastel, subdued or very saturated. It all depends on your imagination and what you plan to create. Our products will certainly enable you to do this, because they are available in many different variants.

How to choose silk? Patterns that will enliven any stylization

The silk pattern is just one of its features, which primarily affects the aesthetics of the finished product. However, when planning the purchase of material, it is also worth paying attention to its type. We offer printed silks in various types and species, including satin, muslin or crepe. The type of weave depends, among other things, on the thickness of the fabric, the way it is laid, the structure and texture.

So how to choose products for what you want to sew? The answer to this question is not simple, because each seamstress has her own opinion about it. However, it can be assumed that some types of patterned silk will work best, for example, for sewing evening dresses, and others for blouses or skirts.

Printed silk dresses – which material to choose?

In the case of dresses, you can bet on proven classics, i.e. satin. It is a dense fabric, but at the same time light and airy. Satin weave makes the material beautifully arranged on the figure. It does not shine through, which is certainly important for ladies who do not like to wear petticoats.

Satin in our offer comes in hundreds of beautiful designs – we offer printed silk, but also smooth, the choice depends on the customer's preferences. Evening dresses and summer dresses can also be sewn from:

  • satin,
  • twillu,
  • Muslin
  • Żorżety.

Each of the types of fabrics has a slightly different texture – muslin is perfectly smooth, while the georgette is matte and slightly rough. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. An interesting option is also the combination of different types and patterns of silk.

Patterned silk for interior decoration

Our offer also includes fabrics that are perfect for interior decoration. Among other things, we are talking about shandong. It is a material from which you can sew curtains, bedspreads or decorative pillows. We also offer a lot of silk patterns that you can choose for such applications. Remember that shandong silk requires dry cleaning. So it is a relatively demanding product. However, skilful care will pay off with an ideal appearance and a wide range of applications. Browse the available silk patterns and choose the fabrics that best suit your taste.