Cashmere and Wool

Cashmere is a material that will ennoble any creation. For its manufacture , delicate wool from Kashmiri goats is used, and the process of creating the fabric itself is extremely time-consuming. Nevertheless, cashmere, like natural wool, is a material perfect for creating coats and palts with high durability. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznan imports carefully selected Italian materials, so you can be sure that you are buying a premium product. Cashmere is a delicate fabric with exceptional fluffiness, which is why it is often used as an addition to wool for a winter coat. Like natural silk and silk satin, it belongs to the group of exclusive materials that not only look beautiful, but above all ensure the durability of clothes. If you are interested in cashmere by meters, but want to independently assess the quality of the product, our online fabric store allows you to order a free sample. 

How to care for cashmere and wool?

In the case of exclusive materials such as cashmere and wool , simple care works well, i.e. rare and hand-washed at low temperature, non-invasive squeezing and delicate detergents. Instead of frequent washing, a better option will be to air or treat with a pair of cashmere. This type of material is difficult to dirty, so intensive cleaning of sweaters and coats is unnecessary. For dry cleaning, it is worth giving woolen coats and jackets, on the intact shape of which we care about the most. If you decide to wash cashmere in a washing machine, remember that it is a fabric that needs a program for washing delicate clothes, definitely does not like spinning, and the thing itself should be protected during washing, for example using a cotton pillowcase.

Both cashmere and wool are materials that pill – especially in places that are exposed to friction. For this reason, it is worth remembering about regular shaving of clothes, thanks to which their appearance will be significantly improved. What is the issue of storing natural wool and cashmere? In the case of heavier clothes, it will be safest to store lying down, while lighter sweaters, jackets and coats should be hung on hangers without sharp ends. 

If you want your clothes made of wool materials to look perfect for as long as possible, remember the following rules:

  • wash clothes made of wool and cashmere exclusively by hand,
  • soak them in cool water, preferably turned inside out,
  • washing sheep's wool and cashmere should not last more than a quarter of an hour;
  • use means intended for washing wool,
  • do not rub or stretch the wool material during washing,
  • stains gently, avoiding too much friction,
  • after washing, do not twist clothes – this badly affects their shape and can damage them,
  • woolen clothes dried spread flat,
  • iron the wool with a steamer or with an iron through a canvas cloth.

Thanks to this, your clothes remain in perfect form for years and do not pill. 

Cashmere – a noble material available in our warehouse

Since the beginning of our warehouse, we have been looking for the best quality materials – it is no different in the case of cashmere by meters and wool for a winter coat.  Wondering why cashmere is so expensive? The material for production is obtained from Kashmiri goats grazing in the Himalayas, where low temperatures prevail . This, in turn, translates into the growth of a thin, but at the same time perfectly insulating heat coat. Obtaining and processing cashmere fibers is a demanding activity – for comparison, about 3 kg of wool is obtained from a sheep per year, while from a Cashmere goat only 200 grams. All this makes cashmere a noble fabric, but in our warehouse available at a good price.

Cashmere – luxury material

Cashmere material is recognized as the most luxurious wool in the world. Hence the rather high price of this raw material. It is expensive because it takes time to obtain, and in addition, natural cashmere comes exclusively from one species of goats living in the Himalayas – Capra Hisca

The time and cost of obtaining material from Kashmiri goats are therefore incomparably greater than in the case of woolen material obtained from sheep. The process of weaving cashmere products is also very laborious and time-consuming.

Therefore, it is not a widely available material, which makes it luxurious and affects its price. However, it is definitely adequate to the unique properties of cashmere and its unique appearance. 

The wool of Himalayan goats has unique thermal insulation properties that help these animals survive temperatures reaching several dozen degrees below zero, and in warm weather they extremely effectively dissipate heat and moisture. The cashmere material therefore has excellent thermoregulatory properties, it is also lighter than sheep's wool and much warmer than it.

However, you should be careful when buying cashmere, as you can come across fakes. On the surface, they look the same, but they are not made of high-quality woolen material, but of acrylic, i.e. plastic. In our offer you will find only products of proven origin, with a precisely described composition. So if you want to buy natural wool material, you can be sure that you focus on the highest quality. If you have questions, we will be happy to provide you with all the information.

Cashmere – what can be sewn from it?

In our store, cashmere is available in many beautiful versions. Like woolen sheep materials, it can be used to sew many attractive elements of clothing. Practically anything can be created from wool – it is most often used for sewing:

  • Coats 
  • jackets, 
  • Suits
  • Skirts 
  • Dresses.

As it is very soft and delicate to the touch, it provides the user not only with an exclusive look, but also with high wearing comfort and freedom of movement. It is worth emphasizing that woolen materials, and in particular cashmere, do not have to be thick and heavy. They can also be delicate and light, which is why they are very comfortable to wear. If you are looking for a fabric for a suit, wool will work perfectly, because it is natural, looks great on the figure, and also has a very long service life. That is why it is worth having at least one wool set sewn by a professional seamstress in the wardrobe. It is a timeless classic that will work whenever you want to look professional and elegant.

Wool material is used to sew clothes for both ladies and men. Wool suit is a must have for every elegant man. Even if he does not have to wear it to work, it is worth thinking about occasions, such as family celebrations, which require an appropriate setting, also in terms of clothing. Well-cut pants and a jacket made of woolen fabric can serve for years if they are sewn from high-quality material

Wool – how to sew this material?

Before proceeding with cutting woolen fabrics should be ironed on the left side of the material. In the process of applying the cut, you should pay attention to the hairline. By moving your hand under the hair, you can feel a slight resistance, while with the hair the fleece is arranged smoothly. Parts of the blank should be laid on wool material so that their lower edges are directed in the same direction. On the finished model, the hair is laid from top to bottom. 

Sewing does not require the use of special needles or threads, and the length of the stitch depends on the type of material. The rule applies: thin fabrics are sewn with a fine stitch (approx. 2-2.5 cm), thicker with a stitch length of approx. 2.5-3 mm. They are sewn with universal polyester threads.

Cashmere in the Izpol store – a wide selection

In our offer you will find a wide selection of woolen fabrics (sheep and cashmere) in many attractive colors and patterns. These are products from reliable suppliers. We constantly control their quality to offer customers only wool materials of the highest quality and with excellent appearance. Cashmere in the Izpol store is always accurately described so that you can be sure whether you choose a 100% wool product or whether it is a material with an admixture of wool. Check out our offer and choose beautiful knitted fabrics and fabrics made of cashmere and sheep's wool.