Are you looking for beautiful fabrics to sew the creations of your dreams? You've come to the right place! Since 1989, Izpol has been following global trends and importing the most desirable materials into the country. We value people who want to create a dream creation according to their own idea. All the magic begins with design and fabric. Sounds tempting? We invite you to our stationary store in Stary Młyn in Poznań at 261 Głogowska Street and the online www.izpol.pl!


We are a family business! It was created thanks to Maria Buchert, our founder, joined by daughters- Izabella and Eve and grandchildren - Natalia Lesińska, model and photographer, and Jakub Lesiński, computer scientist, successively adapting it to a new reality. Agnieszka, Arleta, Karolina, Monika and Lucyna also belong to the team – some of them have been with us from the very beginning!

The stationary headquarters of Izpol is located on Poznań's Górczyna in the Old Mill building, built entirely of wood and brick, with a characteristic high chimney and a glass staircase.


We import and sell precious fabrics. In our assortment you will find silks, wool, cashmere, lace, wedding and decorative fabrics, velvets, velours, viscose knitwear, elastic, woolen, tulle (that is, material with mesh), velour, knitwear for sportswear, for social dance, as well as embroidery for the production of underwear. We also have a pasmanter department with a wide range of unique Polish tailoring additives. Our products come from Italy, Spain and France.


In order to meet the changing approach of people to shopping, we have also created an online store. For now, there is only a fraction of the entire assortment, but we are still adding new designs of materials. We do our best to ensure that our descriptions and photos of fabrics are 100% accurate. In case of mistakes, we always stand on the customer's side and make an express return! We also send free samples. :)

If you are not entirely sure what your ideal material is, please contact us during our working hours – we will present the offer in person, suggest the best solutions, as well as send you photos and samples of your dream fabric.

We cordially encourage you to mixed form of fabric selection, that is, find the material in the online store, and check stationary. The products on the site are divided into 30 categories, and you can also use the filters of price, pattern, color, composition and purpose of a particular material. The store has an online search engine, and that browsing the fabrics can turn out to be very addictive, we suggest you add to your favorites those fabrics that caught the eye. If you have any further questions, take a look at the article Article how to buy in the Izpol materials store?

In 2020, we have refreshed the look of our online materials store. The design of the building and the beauty of the assortment set a very high bar for the requirements also in relation to this part of our business. A joint effort of the youngest members of our family was izpol.pl – I think we did! :) Let us know via the contact form at the bottom of the page if we can improve or fix something.


Our stationary shop covers the entire ground floor and the basement of the Old Mill. The space is huge and has been filled with antique wooden furniture and almost 20,000 types of different fabrics. There are five qualified retailers at your disposal, both retail and wholesale customers can count on our full commitment and individual approach.

You spend time here nice and stylish. Sometimes it takes some time to choose this unique fabric – so to keep having the energy to search for the perfect one we offer you free coffee and cake. In addition to our materials, in the Old Mill you can also buy Italian furniture from Gusma Home, or have lunch or have a coffee in the Cherry Orch an orch there. We have a large parking lot and a beautiful garden. Satisfaction from visits guaranteed!


We invite you to our Facebook page (redirection will occur automatically when you click on the F icon at the bottom of the page), where we post current announcements, information about promotions and new competitions, as well as interesting events going on in Poznań. On your Instagram profile (camera icon) you can be inspired by photos of our best fabrics for dresses and other wardrobe parts.

We are also open to establishing cooperation with tailors, bloggers, photographers, models, stylists... we will be happy to consider the proposal of anyone who is freaked out about fashion and wants to bring something from himself! Contact us via the form in the "Contact us" tab or email address sklep@izpol.pl.



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